Anyone want to help me out... Home Airport Mod

I have tried but I am not computer literate enough to do it myself. Can anyone help me add a couple parking spots to my home strip? It is CAK3. Screenshot shows in sim right now, and then the real view from maps show where airplanes are parked. I would really appreciate it. Buy you a virtual beer.
Real Airport

In Sim

Here you are, happy birthday!


Hey! That is really awesome. I appreciate it. Thanks so much. Cheers.

Looks really nice! Cheers, brings some life to the airpark!

Wait - did you built up a whole non existing airport? :open_mouth:

Crazy people here… Guess I’m not the last person who will ask for it but would you create my home airport as well? :slight_smile:

EDOV is completely missing but already reported via zendesk

Airport Information

The airpark was there, just no parking options. He also added some static airplanes and lighting and a few other improvements! Beyond my skill level lol

BTW, I see you have done many airports around BC. Awesome! Thanks.

I’m glad you like the scenery. I’ve flown in and out of this little airport many times in real life, so thank you for suggesting it!

The response to fix that issue is amazing. How great

Me too! And all your other airports you have fixed! Thanks alot. Perhaps we have crossed paths in real life as well, who knows. The BC GA world is a small one. Keep up the good work, I will be following along to see what else you work on.

That’s very possible to have met in real life, who knows? Thank you for your kind words.

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Hello, I looked into the EDOV. Unfortunately there is no satellite data in MSFS from Bing for this aerodrome and the area is filled with generic textures (probably due to a cloud that was obstructing the ground). That makes the task of creating this airport very difficult. The best advice is to wait a bit, maybe Bing will bring new satellite data soon and then the airport will be relatively easy to create.

You’re right - in Bing is a hughe cloud over EDOV. In Google Maps it is perfect :slight_smile:

There are some tutorials on youtube of how to bring in google map data to the sim. Also tutorials on how to build an airport… could take a stab at it.

any video recommendations? I never found a perfect tutorial for me…