Anyone with the same specs?

Hi All,

I’m running the following base specs:

Ryzen 5 2600x
16gb RAM
RTX 2060
Rift S

If anyone is on a similar spec to me and is getting a stable VR performance then I would love to hear what sort of settings you have as i’ve been struggling with VR performance lately.

I know my CPU needs to be upgraded and arguably my graphics card but is there anything that can be done to achieve a stable experience with decent clarity on the screens.

Or is it better to upgrade my VR headset?

Should gone with intel i9-11900k its beast with a 3080ti oc perfect for simming in vr smoothly.

Get Oculus Tray Tool and enable 18hz ASW. You should be more than fine.

Also apparently the current Oculus beta tanks VR FPS.

That is not true.

I’m also using a Rift S on a 2060, though combined with an i9 10850k. Since the patch I’ve been setting most things to Medium, clouds and textures to High, LoD sliders to 200. I use no external SS and an in-game render scale of 100. That gives me a pretty steady 30fps in the wilderness, and 20fps over cities. Combined with forcing ASW to 30 or 18 in Oculus Tray Tools, I get a very smooth experience.

For you. Your own experience does not mean everyone gets or sees the same. I see people reporting VR game issues all the time which are eventually traced back to some issue with Oculus beta. And that’s not surprising, since it’s a beta.

Its ok to disagree, but please refrain from personal attacks.

Thanks guys I’ll try these settings and use it with and without the beta versions of oculus to see if there’s a difference on my setup.

I want to get the 5900x but for the cost I might be better off getting the 5800x and 32gb of ram instead. Do you think that’s sensible for an upgrade?

I too am running an 11900k with a 3080ti and the setup rocks. Pricey for sure but makes the VR experience rather spectacular.