Anyway to access my grandfather's old strip?

It wasn’t discontinued too terribly long ago. It appears on many maps still (and obviously his old aviation ones). I don’t even know where to start. I found the ICAO: 78WI Flying M Ranch

It would mean a lot to me and my family as he recently passed if someone can point me in the right direction of making this happen.

I found this. Howdy, neighbor. I live about 50 miles from this airport. Not anywhere near my sim so I can’t say if it’s in there. You should be able to fly over and see it. I’ve landed at the closed WW2 airbases in England that my father-in-law flew from. There are chicken barns on the old runways, but bush planes don’t need runways.

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That is awesome! Thanks for responding. He was a WWII vet himself who worked his way from mechanic to pilot flying northwest orient and had a private Cessna craft not unlike the one I’m learning on in this game

Unfortunately the land was sold when they got old and his strip wouldn’t exist the same as they put some roads out there crisscrossing it and some horse pasture. I guess I’d need to find some older data. I’m a noob so no idea how it all works

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This is a link to a you tube video that shows how to import objects from Google maps to fs2020

And this is a link to a post on this forum giving step by step instructions to do the same thing

It’s very convoluted but worth persevering with. Good luck mate and let us know how you get on with it,


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In sim right now. Attached is a Google Map of the area. It looks like the landscape hasn’t changed. Gonna launch my XCub in a few and see what I can find for you.

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Aww man you guys are so sweet!

Will do! This community is the best!

From what I can see, 78WI is now a heliport. It is showing Located in Osseo, Wisconsin, is that the correct town?

No. Close by but they must have recycled it. I apologize for not including a link. Anti spam didn’t let me but as someone found above:

You can still land there if you’d like. I did.

Here’s a short flight plan for you. Your grandfather’s field is at the only waypoint right before the end.

VFR Beer (02WI) to Rusmar Farms (WS41).pln (1.7 KB)

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I also found this link that shows how to create an airport/airstrip from scratch and add it into fs2020

If you’re lucky you may be able to see some kind of trace or remaining buildings to the old airstrip on Google or bing maps, this would give you a starting point for recreating your granddads airstrip.

Again I wish you luck and success!

Regards, orionsarcher

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Awesome! Thank you! That path is the one I actually did first but in reverse and couldn’t see anything at night so this helps immensely lol

This is cool! I will probably try pulling some old data first but then this if I need to add his hanger or whatever. That should still be there though

Awesome community!

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You had me at “my grandfather’s”.


Ha. Thanks everyone. Been trying to figure out this game to get my bearings and recreate these old flight paths but until then here’s photos of him at the strip from around 1994 taking my mom up for a quick flight. He was such a great guy


Relatively certain I’ve seen that hangar type, either in sim, in scenery add-on screenshots, or in scenery objects add-ons screenshots. Can’t say where, though.

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