AP and CessnaG1000

I have been flying the xp11 version of the CessnaSkylarkG1000 and being a low and slow VFR flyer have used it extensively for setting up flight plans (example) that have me flying from my home airport KLDJ - points of interest (lat/lon) - KACY. There does not seem to be a way to set up a flight plan for this. xp11 uses FP format .FMS. Works perfectly including departures, approaches, and ILS where available.

Is there a way to do this in FS 2020?

Definitely! Watch this video:

Thank you CaptClarence 125, but I have watched this. If all I wanted to do was to go from airport to airport this would work fine although I am not flying large planes right now but am using the Cessna for sightseeing. In doing so I have been selecting from and to airports and then able to plan a trip flying over points of interest along the way. I use iflightplanner to either bend the flight line or to just add lat/lon waypoints by keying in GPS coordinates.
I cannot do any of this using worldmaps