Apologizing to my wife

Apologizing to the wife today for pitching a MSFS fit last night. Finally downloaded the new nvidia driver. Trying it out taking off from LGA as I adjusted trim the aircraft made an abrupt turn to the right. I repeated tried to fly as cursed and screamed about nvidia. I’m flying with the Hotas One . After I calmed down I saw a helpful explanation on line. Problem easily corrected


Glad to hear no wives were harmed in the correction of the issue :slight_smile:

It may be helpful for others if you include the fix as well!

I remember the time my signifigant other refferred to MSFS as a “game” rather than a simulator. I packed a bag for her and she said “where are we going?” I said I’m going to fly my simulator, I don’t care where you go :stuck_out_tongue:


I am too embarrassed to say. User error. What’s worse is that I’ve done it twice.

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Hi @EarthTuba797003,
It’s great that you got your problem solved! :slight_smile:

Closing this one as issue has been resolved.