Apparently 200% render scale in PC settings does wonders for VR performance

I tried that, and it did work, but for the fact that it locked me into a view pointed at the EFB (using the A32NX). That’s better than nothing, I suppose, but I can’t put the winder where I want, look outside, and be able to use the Navigraph window, which, combined with one of the many pushback apps, are the only things I use the toolbar for.

So, I’ve just been using the charts function in the EFB in lieu of a separate Navigraph window until it’s fixed. Not a permanent solution, but a good enough workaround.

Unless I’m doing something wrong with the whole CTRL-0 thing…

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Make sure it’s Control 0(zero) not the numerals pad but the numbers across the top of keyboard. Do it first thing in cockpit.
I’m now finding everything almost perfect, smooth and very little to nil stutters. Only issue is my lights in the GA ‘s, and the pilot view changes if I go out then back in.

I’m using the FBW A320 right now and have found a suitable workaround to this VR toolbar issue without having to remove my headset. I have bound toggle instrument view 1 to one of the buttons on my throttle, which just points your head down slightly (in the FBW at least). If I want to use the toolbar, I hit this toggle button, use the toolbar then hit the toggle button to resume normal VR POV.


What do you mean?
i am talking about head movement due to wind or turbulences and there is thread about it, so it exists.

There is no “head movement due to wind or turbulence” implemented (neither in MSFS nor in X-Plane). The thread is about implementing a response of the airframe/VR viewpoint relative to the horizon, which would be a “feature request”. A couple of posts in that thread are confusing tracking problems (= causing unsolicited head movement) with the topic of the thread, which is basically about the lack of “head movement due to wind or turbulence”.

So, why did someone create a cfg file disabling all head movement ?

Are you sure we are on the same ‘game’ ?
![Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 15.48.07|690x287](upload://1J


link to thread