Appeal to those who have the A310, Spad.neXt and the Honeycomb BRAVO

If you fit the bill in the title, I’m seeking suggestions from those of you who have successfully mapped the thrust reversers. I have canvassed support from the Spad forum to no avail so looking for answers here. I have mapped the fuel cut-off levers, the throttles are fine, but no way will the reversers work. What is the secret?
(Note: I do not want to use mouse or keyboard, or move the throttles forward…i.e. only want activation of the reversers to effect reverse.)

I don’t use Spad anymore as I feel MSFS no longer requires it and FSUIPC fits the gap where I do feel like nitpicking.

But in answering your question my setup for the thrust reversers is as follows:

I assigned the number 1 throttle to a single F2 keypress. Opening the thrust reverse valves (on both engines) during landing. And the number 2 throttle I have assigned as continuous F2 keypress, to indeed activate the thrust on both engines when required. Do note as they are keypresses and not thrust axis that with this setup it will always spool up to maximum thrust reverse, but personally that doesn’t bother me.

My reason for using a single and continuous F2 keypress is because during landing most SOPs require the thrust reverse valves to be opened but to spare the engines the actual thrust reverse often isn’t used, provided the runway is long enough and brake temperatures warrent it for the short turnaround time.

thanks for your response. I’ve got the 737 nearly mouse and keyboard proof!, so was hoping to do the same with the 310. There must surely be a way to map the Bravo reversers to the function…I see what you’re doing, but I’m seeking this fidelity…

Well, just to be overly elaborate: the bravo itself is not fitted with actual thrust reverse axis. Either using the ‘737 levers’ with the thrust reversers on top, or using the ‘extra slide room’ at the very lower end of the lever are indeed keypresses/buttons, not axis. Hence the assignment to keypresses.

I do not have Spad, but mapped my reversers as following.

I use the 737 levers and set both reverse thrust levers to “TOGGLE reverse thrust” on engine 1 and 2 so that the thrust axis can be used to apply as much reverse as needed. While not 100% authentic, this is the best way I found without having a reverser axis.

Yes but I use the extra ‘slide room’ or detents for the fuel cut-off function, so can’t use them. OK thanks

Not keen on advancing the throttle for reverse, but thanks

Not to get off-track, but has anyone even had success identifying sim vars and commands with the A310 in Spad? It seems to uniquely update variables faster than Spad can display, making it nearly impossible to analyze.

Join the Spad Discord Channel. Reversers are well talked about and I think Les O’Reilly did a video with that type of setup in it. This has definitely been solved by Spad - like everything else - as longs
as there is an API to hang on.