Approach Failure

The MFSM Crash to windows every time i program an approch to an airport (G1000), after i start to notice this issue, i make a full uninstall and make a new one including a new HardDrive and full update. after make this, i see that the grafic resolution get better but the issue when i make a approach config. continue. What can i do to fix this problem? i see another post that mention restore to factory al setting but didnt work.

Plz HELLP!!!

I realy dont know what is happening. i Cant fly on Dominican Republic, i make a fly in florida and works perfectly, but every time i try to fly in DR the sim crash.!!! i realy need help

Are you using the Working Title G1000 mod, and if so is it the latest version?

Can you program the approach if you remove the mod?

Im using all by default. Last sunday i make a full clean installation.

Can you tell me which plane, and which approach you are trying to program? I will attempt to replicate it tomorrow.

I assume you are sitting on the ramp, entering these by hand?

im using ils appr. on MDSD rw17 from MDST. i fly 172 Skyh, da62, cessna caravan. the 3 planes has G1000, i notice something, i just make a test disabling IA on weather and trafic and work fine. but in US(Florida) i use all that on.