Approach Flyback Bug with the A320 after SU4

After updating I experienced this bug on all my three flights to different airports. I’m not using any mods or devmode. I’m creating my flightplan and approach with the worldmap.
In this example I’m flying to LEPA. After reching ADX, which is the transition waypoint for my ILS approach, the autopilot turns the plane and goes back to the previous waypoint RUPIT:

All previous waypoints of my flight get deleted in my flight plan, RUPIT is now the first waypoint in the list. Also you can see that on the MCDU RUPIT is selected, while on the main screen it still says I’m going to ADX, but with the heading of RUPIT:

After reaching RUPIT (again), the autopilut turns the plane again and now ADX is correctly selected as a waypoint with the correct heading. The appraoch now works as intended and I can land.

Before reaching ADX for the first time you can already tell the bug is about to happen, because at this point no waypoint in the flightplan is highlighted in white. Something happens between RUPIT and ADX (the transition waypoint) that confuses the autopilot and leads to this bug.

Workaround: If you notice that as soon as you pass the last waypoint before the transition waypoint the next waypoint isn’t highlighted white, overwrite the flightplan by plotting a direct course to the destination airport in the MCDU by going to DIR and selecting the airport. In the flightplan then select the airport waypoint and set your intended approach again by selecting arrival. Confirm with insert. You can now fly the approach without going back and forth.

I think the exact same thing happens with the Garmin based planes. Thanks for the workaround, will try it!

To test:
What is your full plan / flight Departure, SID, route, Star, approach ?

I played a bit more and the bug didn’t happen to me at other airports. Seems like it’s related to some airports and I just got unlucky after the update and thought it is a general issue.

Regardless, it happens to me at:
LEPA Arrival GODO2J 06L Approach ILS 06L
GCTS Arrival KONB1X 07 Appraoch ILS 07-Z
(I’ll extend this list if I notice it somewhere else)

EDIT: LSZH Arrival BLM2G ALL Approach ILS 34

You did not do a full flight?
If so, what was your full plan / flight Departure, SID, route, Star, approach ?
Or, was it started from a saved flight while in the air somewhere?

Something is missing here.

I did the flight planning with the worldmap, I flew LEMD - LEPA and LPMA - GCTS. Both IFR high altitude flights. I don’t remember which SID, but I don’t think it matters from where you start.

I tested default A320:
LEVC orvus rupit adx LEPA
All ok