Approach legs disapear from onboard computer when trying to edit waypoints

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I faced this issue when trying to remove the “user waypoints” created together with some approach legs. After selecting an approach in the onboard computer, if you delete or replace a waypoint previous to the first waypoint of the approach legs the whole approach disapears from the flight plan screens. This is reproduced in any airliner including onboard computer (320, 747, 787 or even third party ones based on stock avionics).

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Original plan with stock A320

After KFT approach is assigned by ATC (RNAV 10L in this case):

After the approach is loaded you are cleared to MOKEG by ATC but an additional “USER” waypoint is inserted behind of you. If you delete the created “USER” waypoint, which is therefore before the first waypoint of the approach, which is MOKEG in this case, the complete approach legs disappear:

In the resulting plan onboard computer has removed also the destination airport and only departure and the previous waypoint to the approach (KFT in this case) still remain, which has become the new destination instead of the airport.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Select the assigned approach from ATC controller. Delete the previous waypoint to the first one included in the approach. Alternatively paste the first waypoint of the approach into the position of the previous waypoint of the flightplan. Alternatively as well set a direct to destination to the first waypoint of the approach. Any of the three combinations reproduce the error.

This results in autopilot not being able to follow the original approach and heading you direct to the final waypoint in the best case or to nowhere and just start turning around enless. However the GPS still includes the correct edited flightplan and its active leg. The problem appears to be on the onboard computer only, no matter which mode is active on them (rose, arc or flight plan) and which type of edition (removing, pasting or selecting direct to) you did with the waypoints. This happens even if there´s no “USER” waypoint created and you try to delete the previous waypoint included in the original plan.

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Something is definitely wrong with the onboard computers. See the following case with the stock 747 (similar situation can be also reproduced with A320). Even without editing at all the waypoints in this case but just loading the assigned approach into computer the distance to next waypoint is counted backwards, meaning that it´s increased when you approach to it.

During the approach to LIML and after loading VOR 18 data procedure, you are cleared to TZO but a waypoint is placed behind of aircraft position (looks like one of those “USER” waypoints). Anyway, TZO is the active waypoint but the computer marks it at heading 081 when you have it in front of you, at heading 269. Distance to it is increasing while you approach that waypoint as I said and in addition to that once you pass TZO the computer is not updated and TZO stays forever as the active (D327E should become the active afterwards).

The navigation system is completly broken.


This has been like this since before SU8. It needs rectifying asap. Very annoying now. And seems to be something were going to have to put up with until su10.

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