April 13, 2023 Development Update Blog Discussion

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


Wrong week linked. Fixed

Fixed. Thanks.

Oh my god, first time I’ve won the Screenshot Challenge, time to open the champagne :smiley: :beers:




I see there’s now a backlog of backlog information.


Nice to see the windsock problem finally addressed!

Can we get some more detail on what exactly will be upgraded in all the previous WUs?


Shouldn’t there be an updated roadmap by now?


I thought with SU12 that good quality was going to be prioritized over bad quality? This just seems like a Captain Sim update, which is not a good quality dev…


Almost half of the 27 new xbox items are captain you know who. Meanwhile we know there were over 1000 products on backlog. I really hope this new process starts producing results soon.

Parallel 42 Cedar Mountain is added this week. The developer said this was in the queue for 6 months! It’s not some complex airliner, or a massive airport just a nice bit of scenery, really should have been through in a fraction of that time.

The “wishlist active development” image is interesting. Seems to me more a list of upcoming bug fixes but that’s great to know. What’s more is that many of these are fixed in WU13 which is planned for release this month.


Chicago landmarks is finally updated on the Xbox. I had give up all hope.

Hmmm, mixed feelings about this new dev update. Didn’t know a windsock could annoy so many people. More concerned about a windsock than other things more important to flying, which confuses me. Good news to see the scenery gateway getting released in May. Airport changes and updates will flood in. Hopefully we can have better taxiing and can clean up the airport ATC list. Other than that nothing else too exciting until August.


That development roadmap belongs in a museum. Next week can we please have one that looks to the future?

When is AAU2 planned for? I can see it should contain the fix for that awful blocking connection lost popup and I know everyone wants that.

It’s nice to see the windsock heading fix listed in WU13, hopefully that’s a programmatic fix to rotate windsocks to wind direction no matter what orientation they were placed on the ground. If so then we’ll never get a wrong windsock again. On the other hand if they’ve just turned a few around I fear we’ll be back to this topic regularly.

The most exciting thing about this update is it discreetly mentions that the scenery gateway is ready and will be in use from May. High hopes for this one!


Agreed about the scenery gateway. I don’t remember the last time I used or referenced a windsock in FS for my flights. Between the weather reports, METARS, and feel of the airplane, it’s meh. Also, weather is still broken in some major aspects so fixing the windsock doesn’t do too much if the wind or weather accuracy is off anyways.

folks griping about things not getting fixed turns to griping over WHAT gets fixed…

Thank for continuing to fix stuff, MS/Asobo - it is appreciated by me and maybe three other people…


I use windsocks frequently because I fly to a lot of airstrips with no METAR, some are hundreds of ks away from any METAR at all, so windsocks are where it is at. I for one will certainly appreciate this fix.


I’m a little confused by the status of the lost ATC bug. It says Fixed (No Repro)

Did they fix it and are saying they can’t reproduce it anymore, or are they saying they can’t reproduce it, so they’re calling it fixed?

I don’t recall seeing discussion about an actual fix, so I’m fearing it’s the latter. I’m hoping I just completely missed that it’s fixed? :pray:


I don’t know what “Fixed (No Repro)” means, either, but this was posted in the bug report two weeks ago:

My guess is that they may have partially fixed it, but people are still reporting the bug and they are trying to figure out more root causes. But only a guess.

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I use windsocks for reference nearly every flight.


My guess: “Fixed (No Reproduction)”