[APRIL FOOLS] Discussion & Finds | Updated 2024

Virpil Alpha Royale


You have to laugh
I had an April Fools video taken down because someone complained that they were fooled by it

You can’t make this stuff up :crazy_face::joy:


“An outrage a day keeps depression at bay.” - Snow Flake

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it wasn’t April 1st when you posted it that may have been why
and no one was fooled by it they thought you were click baiting to get YouTube views.

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Sorry but it actually said on the original post that it was out in Australia where it was already the 1st of April and the comment left said it was trying to fool people (which is sort of the point )
Plus had “soon” and the date “01/04/24” on front page
Oh and emoji read :gorilla::movie_camera::black_joker: ape reels fool

Plus it was obviously a real Lancaster and not one from the sim

But as you say nobody was fooled by it and it was taken in the right spirit of get it banned

Not that it matters! just trying to bring some fun but you can’t please everyone? but it’s better than no fun at all

Was adding back “Press any key to start” Asobo’s idea of an April Fools joke ? :nauseated_face:

Spent Easter Monday re-installing MSFS, which fixed the issue (Nothing to do with X-box login)

while not a huge April fools person myself i do appreciate a good joke,i read two Dr who related ones today that were kind of obvious and made me smile, sadly yours although well meant didnt kind of work . personally i just didn’t understand your title at all, i wasn’t angry or upset just entirely confused

That’s fine nothing is going to please everyone

it was more to do with the fact someones own preferences, likes and dislikes are used to determine what others can do or see

in a lot of ways I admire your braveness to admit it went over your head

Enjoy what you like and let others have the same choice

As an American, and perhaps showing my age not knowing the emojis, but could’ve fooled me. Why would an April Fools joke happen January 4th? :stuck_out_tongue:


lol very good, that had me for a couple of seconds
sorry I completely forgot the US has a different layout for dates, now I feel foolish