Apron Coloration not working since last update

The Coloration option in the Scenery Editor is no longer working for Aprons. All previously completed airports using this option are now showing incorrectly in-game.

Screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/114hejf

Steps to reproduce the issue encountered:` Create Apron > Tick Coloration > Select any colour > no effect seen

Try increasing the priority of the apron and also tick on force above runway if u havent

It’s not affected by priority or ‘force above runway’.
Aprons with coloration are simply not working in-game any more on ANY airport that has them.

From the Devmodo menu, select [Options], [AirPort], and then check [AirPorts Coloring].

Thank you!
I don’t recall turning that option off, but its fixed it by turning it on!

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