Apu and engine jet wash after Sim Update 6

after Sim Update 6 i had this issue in A320 NX FBW DEV. VERSION.
Any solution ?

Did you shut the APU down? Strange.

The question is, what version of the FBW mod are you running? Because yes, SU6 did present us with this jet wash and prop wash effects. Not sure how robust the ability to implement it properly in game is right now though. I flew the latest development version last night and had went in external views and did not notice this. So perhaps try running the latest development version of the mod.

Rotor wash effects after SU6.

Search the forums for A320 Engine Heat.

Confirm you are talking about (invisible) jet wash?
Looks more like heat blur to me.
Any mods installed?

thanks for all replies.
i just found the reason . because this livery was not compatibility with sim update 6. i just use another livery and it was compatibility with sim update 6, and works great .


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