Arc de Triomphe Paris building?

The Arc de Triomphe is an office building, and so is the national stadium in Paris.
msfs2020 V
Landmarks Paris City Pack (ORBX) installed.
Manual cache with high resolution for this area was downloaded.
Why are these and other objects in the old standard mode shown?

  1. Have you turn on all your data settings, namely Bing Maps and Photogrammetry?
  2. Have you claimed and downloaded the entire World Update IV France, Benelux update from the Marketplace/Content Manager?

Yes, data settings on, world update IV got.

Some parts of World Update IV were not installed or in the registration.

Who knows - why? The package was installed completly on Patchday.

With market place and content manager there were successfull registration and downloads possible.

The downloads of areas (PARIS) to manual cache are much greater than before.

Thank’s for help!