Are ALL real runways screwed up

Are all real runways screwed up. I thought MSFS2020 had satillite data errors until watching more Youtube videos of aircraft landing world wide. Looking closer the runways are all bumpy and causes all the planes to bounce left and right on all landings. I understand the sloping but why so bumpy. I know KATL is all concrete and they redo them every so many years but its runways are just like all others. Now I understand why so much effort is envolved in keeping the planes center line on landings and takeoffs.

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Yet to see any runway " Screwed up as you put it"

Take alook at all the small bumps in a plane landing at any airport. Not from in the cockpit but a person filming a closeup of a runway landing. Not hugh bumps but no runway is as smooth as any highway a car drives on.

Can’t confirm. I’m currently on a world tour and on final to my 10th stop. No bumping whatsoever, to be honest.

Also doing a World Tour like judgedrebb, and yet to have any runway issue.

In the 50+ legs I did so far have yet to encounter a runway that is like how you described

Can’t say I had an issue with runways after a whole trip around the world and having started one of Japan.

I did have occasional issues with taxiways.

Mind you, runways are not perfectly flat. It isn’t even a matter of sloping. Real-world runways are actually usually pretty bumpy, which is normal and aircraft can negotiate without issues.

It’s extremely challenging to completely flatten terrain for such an extended area, and not necessary.

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Thank you for a real response to my observation.

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