Are bush trips fixed?

I’ve done them all, no problems.

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I started doing the southern france one about 3 weeks ago and am now on the 8th leg i think. Then again, months ago, i did the california one and that just worked as well. Sorry i cannot be of more help, but i haven’t encountered that problem yet.

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LOL, my only comment regarding the France trip is that the DA40 in NOT the aircraft I would have chosen for some of those uphill bouncy grass pastures they refer to as ‘airstrips’… :laughing:


Not fixed for me.

I have completed some of them 3 times.

It has only counted three legs.

Might be my settings, I don’t know. No one tells me anything.

I’ve had zero issue with them. Make sure you fly without mods/liveries, and don’t have the developer mode enabled.

Completed bush trips were erased when the " Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date] fiasco happened. They have not been counted since.

Are the legs showing up in the Navlog as you start each leg? If the Navlog is messed up (not showing) the leg(s) won’t be logged. The only way I know to fix it is to re-fly the previous leg that loaded properly in the NavLog. From that point on it should log the bush trip.

Oh…and make sure you’re not in “Dev” mode.

Each and every Navlog, of each and every Bush trip has been fully populated with poi, distance. time and description of leg.

They even show up in my log book whether I was successful or not on the leg.

They do not show up in Pilot Profile. Except for the 3 arbitrary legs of course. 4 legs now.

The bush trips I started before sim update 1 or 2 are completely broken for me. Even restarting the whole bush trip doesnt solve it. I might have to reinstall the sim but it’s too much work.

You might just have to delete the saves! They are in …\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES[BUSHTRIPNAME]_SAVE.

You can then start the trip again and with Devmode, you can teleport to the destinations to skip through the legs you already did (if you don’t want to fly them again).

Thanks! Might try that out!

Trash…mon… :slight_smile: SO with ya on this! That DA40 is the last thing I would have picked to fly to some of these godforsaken strips. It really needed something more STOL-Capable. I am not a fan of messing with artistic vision, so I haven’t replaced it with anything on my first round, but next time? Savage Grravel or a Shock Ultra would have been the choice. Even X-Cub.


Yup. The landing at the sloping grass strips aren’t landings but 3 point crashes where someone might walk away. I think minimum strip for a DA40 is like 1950 feet or so. The only reason it works on these is because they are so f******g steep the aircraft will stop if you can get the gear on the grass. Then it will coast backwards… LOL!

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Well, that sure sucks. So much for the easy fix. :slight_smile:

The mysteries of FS 2020 continue.

I cheated a bit and did a few practice landings with the Cub, then switched to the Diamond. My first try with the Diamond didn’t end well. :slight_smile:

DA40 is not the aircraft for that bushtrip. It can be done but it’s a series of nearly fatal crashes to complete a leg… I wouldn’t do it again and I’d advise Asobo not to do bushtrips with aircraft that are so impossible that a thinking pilot wouldn’t even attempt it. What’s next, 747s on 1500 foot ‘airstrips’?.. :laughing:


On grass and up hill. :slight_smile:

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I changed to the Spitfire. It is… challenging. Castillon de la Laquette was the hardest one so far. My only “successful” attempt was not really nice:

But the friend I am flying the trip with mastered it quite well with a success rate of about 60%. Impressive! Sadly no video of this but it looked a lot nicer :wink:


Very cool! That’s the fun part of the sim. Who in their right mind would try that with the real thing? :slight_smile:


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