Are many people also still getting CTD's, even after the hotfix?

Never had CTD from Alfa. SU5 with hotfix, usually 2-3 times while loading flight before successful load.

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Same for me. First CTD since official release, without any text message after crash.

For those getting freezes or CTD check out this post i made.

Yes, I have more or less CTD every time I try to fly, it happens typical after 3 or 5 minutes. I have updated what is possible on my PC. I have used several hours trying to get rid of CTD, now I give up. Before update 5 I didn’t had any CTD.

I think this would be really interesting. Even down to the manufacturer level.

The strange thing is that flying the Cessna in England does NOT cause any CTD! The graphics are stunning with super smooth look around with Track IR. It is faster aircrafts maybe in combination with larger airports which cause CTD.

Yes. No ctd’s pre su5. Ctd’s often now.
I9, 3070, 32gb

I was getting CTD’s after the hot fix until these Windows updates loaded. Then all CTD’s ceased.

If you have Norton 360, then make sure its CPU and GPU and memory-tuning features are switched off. This is a safe tweek (many are not) and reduced my CTD a lot (but not completely).

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Where are those options please?

Norton Utilities app (part of the Norton suite), “Real Time Boost”, “Processor” and “Power Optimiser”, then “Memory” then “RAM releaser”. I’d say then run MSFS and see how things go, then if you want to, put each of these back one by one. Then you’ll have the evidence you need to decide.

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Yeah. Same here. I keep leaving on multiplayer with online traffic. CTD with CRJ taxing to KPDX 28R. Not hardware or updates.
Asobo needs legit beta testing before any release.

None for me, even with stuff in community folder.

Only CTD for me, completely random sometimes at he time sim is loading, other times on world map etc. Communities folder is empty with no addons whatsoever.

Please use this #bugs-and-issues:ctds thread to report ctd:

Closing this for now to keep reports consolidated to one forum thread.

Hopefully this will get resolved soon.