Are the Bush trips fixed?

Did the bush trips get fixed ? Anyone?

Not really…

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Iceland is now saving my progress. I haven’t tried any others on SU7. I had already completed Alaska and Nevada before SU6 broke everything.

No they are not, sadly. We have to wait for next year maybe…

Thanks Frank and others , Not sure about all this , I have been doing the Balkans one. It seems to be working. It seems to be advancing ok with legs checked off . And getting a percentage completed . Also a percentage totally completed . Wonder if it depends which one you do ? AS BigCow74 says it seems to be saving his Iceland one ,
I started doing the Balkans one off line . That was before I discovered that this may have been partially fixed, Wonder if it’ll make any difference? I guess only one way to find out , This 2020 is the wierdest , most confusing , stupid thing I’ve ever dealt with . Bush Trips

Found another post-thread about this “Bush trips don’t go to 100% even after I finished them”

They’re working on it.

I could not run the bush flights in the community folder as they did not show up on the list, however, only the official bush flights are listed, and the on there maps the POIs are missing. I uninstalled MS and after reinstalling it, nothing changed. MSFS would still would not recognize any bush flights in the community folder and didn’t correct the issues with the official flights. Anyone have any ideas how I can correct the problem. It’s incredible that the same issues exist after reinstalling the program.

What’s incredible is that there are SO MANY issues . I have a good idea why , but can’t say as I’d likely be booted out the back door for saying it.

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The Alaska Bush Trip is working for me on Xbox – SU7!

It has been saving my progress and the % properly reflected on the Activities → Bush Trip tile(s).

I’ve only encountered the minor known bush trip bugs (knock on wood): the refuel issue (requires key bindings) and the empty NavLog (although the fix seems to no longer require re-doing the previous leg). See my post in this other thread about the empty NavLog fix.

Little doubt, but MS being inept and inert about software issues is not unusual.

I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s MS . I think it’s the other one . Starts with the letter A