Are the servers/Azure issues still down?

I still can’t access the market place / no weather loading / connection to a server etc.

Fine here in US - East coast. Maybe a regional issue? Have you tried signing out of your xbox account and sign back in within the game?

Working here in Germany again, too, just did a 1 hr flight, no issues.

I have tried rebooting my computer and signing out and back into xbox account to no avail. Maybe it is a regional thing. I’m in Australia. Thanks for the reply.

Just to put my input here, it’s working for me fine up in Asia…
Try with a VPN. Might be that NBN…

I have the Windows Store Version and had the same problem. My problem was solved by
installing the XBox app on my PC,logging out of the XBox account in the app and logging in again in the sim.Very strange as it worked before without the app.


Same here, have now tried literally everything except re-installing the game (haha, no thanks…).
Perhaps they’re updating the servers ahead of the next world update?!
Not sure but convinced that it’s something on their end.

Thanks so much for your reply ScottMDA. This worked for me as well. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to fix this. I also don’t understand it as I’ve never had the Xbox app installed before this and I’ve never had any issues in the past vut at least its back up for me.

See the reply from ScottMDA. It worked for me.

It was a “general” outage with Microsoft in Australia at least on Friday. The Microsoft Learn and Azure lost its connections and only presented some content. Started around 10am and seemed to right itself about 4pm.

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