Are the servers down (14th May 2022)?

Is anyone else in the UK finding that online services are currently unavailable?

I play the steam version.

Yes, Seem to be :frowning_face:

Ahh phew I thought it was just me as nothing else had been written about it

1st time I’ve started it today, 5pm UK, so don’t know how long they have been down for…

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Same here, Brazil.

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down for me in the Cayman Islands (Caribbean). It says that im offline and cant connect.

Steam version

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US as well.

Brazil with problem as well

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Seems pretty big then

Canada too!

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@FLYJWALKER updated title as seems a wider issue than just UK :+1:


Canary Islands, same problem

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Just loaded up msfa and it keeps saying online services are unreachable check your internet connection. My internet connection is fine.

Anyone else?

Online services down for me too. Steam version on US east coast.

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Does the PMDG 737 require internet services to work? I’m finding that currently none of the buttons are clickable…

Online Service is also down for me US-Eastern Region.

Down for me too in France.

Poland, same problem.

Same issue, California