Are the water textures different? (Examples)

I’m not sure if I’m losing my mind, or if water textures are different. Flying through the Columbia Gorge, and the water effect looks terrible. I thought I used to be able to see current changes and different tones within the bodies of water. Maybe it’s just me flying over something not just open desert, but this doesn’t look right…

All settings cranked to their absolute maximum:

Here’s a much BETTER example of what I’m talking about.

What’s this banding and discoloration in the reflection?

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Downgraded water reflections.

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To me it looks like the water is way too still. Anything larger than a small lake is rarely mirror smooth and, when they are, they do look pretty weird.

Used to be a JetSki instructor and first ride in the morning on a mirror flat lake was almost impossible. Can’t gauge speed, distance, height above the water or anything else. This is also a reason the diving pools have jets of water to disturb the surface.

LOL then you want MSJetSki simulator … you bought the wrong game bro :grin:

But on a serious note, they seem to have downgraded water effects with the last patch. Yesterday
I was flying with live weather along lake Erie winds were 20knts out of the NW and the lake was as flat as glass, even when I skimmed down to 50’ not even a whitecap. I went out an hour later, ran up by the real Lake and theres 3’ or 4’ waves with withecaps this is in REAL LIFE mind you.

well so far as i’m concerned i just figured that this downgraded set of water textures occurs when clear skies preset is active with wind set below 10knots,
. it’s a huge bug, tho, however not listed and might have been ignored in the update #4 to come next week.

The water is always calm now, I flew into the last hurricane and at 500’ the seas were calm, its been reported Im sure there have been other topics about it or was brought up in those topics I remember seeing them.

But what’s with the bridge??? :open_mouth:

That every bridge in a city with Photogrammetry. Portland Oregon (the city of bridges), is probably the worst of em all. City center is connected with about 7-8 bridges, and every one of them is broken like this. Cars drive ON TOP of them, just to add insult to injury

If it’s a matter of compromise between distance, lighting, wind and reflectivity, I’d be happy if they threw out the changes and reverted back to what we had at release, or to at least expose the settings somehow so we can adjust (or patch the. json ourselves)

If the bridges are low free way bridges etc, there are no underneaths. Theres a bridge that runs across the Cuyahoga Valley that you could fly a plane under with no problem IRL but its solid undernetath in game, If you fly along certain rivers (ohio river valley) most of those bridges you can fly under. Im sure its something to do with the photo* scenery and the way it handles the bridges. Id be nice if this got resolved in the future, but it is supposed to be a Simulator, and IRL you’d have a heap of splaining to do if you flew under bridges.

I think the bigger problem, is the texture on the geometry. The textures perspective doesn’t make any sense.