Are there 2 different simulators around here?

I agree with you on that. Very frustrating, and some are telling you to play it down and is not a big issue. Some say, " i have no problem, etc…" really not the way to be honest.
It needs work and more focus on the flight dynamics and fixes and not fancy world updates and pretty looks. Seems like the graphics are the focal point and not the dynamics, all for the gamers…
I gave up and moved on… regrets on investment!!


Yes, unfortunately, I don’t have that much patience anymore. And yes, the feedback here has been sounding suspiciously the same lately. A rascal who thinks bad;)

“Give you time”

,It is going to be great,

, it’s an amazing sim ,

that’s why I sometimes wonder if we’re talking about the same Sim here. How can it be that there are so many faults and others not at all?



I’m from the UK and have run MSFS on:

  1. Lenovo ideapad 330 laptop with low to medium detail and now on

  2. New PC, Intel i9-9900K, 32gb of ram, and a 3070 gigabyte

On both machines I have experienced less than 5 CTD’s combined. I have seen a few of the issues you mention but none affect me massively.

Looking objectively I am enjoying the sim far, far more against the minor niggles of things like the slight glow around the aircraft or a cover missing on a Garmin. My personal immersion is more about the planning and execution of flights with real weather and navigation, this keeps me more than busy enough. In fact I’ve had more ‘wow’ moments than any other sim to date; I’ve been flying since the sublogic days! I see myself as a simmer not a gamer although it is ultimately a game.

This sim is a very complex beast and will bring hardware to its knees at times because of the very nature of simulators and it being a new release using new methodologies etc. There is room to grow.

Is it perfect? No. But no coding ever is. I speak from experience.

Looking at your case specifically it is important to try and troubleshoot from a base position. You mentioned $600 in addons? These all will have an impact and as developers we are all trying new code to work with the sim so there will bound to be issues. I work on the G36 project and am coding a custom window webapp at the moment.

I would do the following to troubleshoot an issue

  1. Remove all addons
  2. Document and review any changes made to the base files (Which shouldn’t be done)
  3. Start with the preset graphic options from low and check the sim works ok, work up from there
  4. Check your internet connectivity, both speed, ping, and throughput - does it spike, do you get throttled?
  5. Report any issues to zendesk
  6. Slowly replace addons one by one.

Each time you should undertake a number of the same flights to give you a base line to compare.

Hope that helps?


The answer to that is quite simple. There are many different ways to use the sim. Everyone uses it differently. Everyone flies in different locations… physically and virtually. Everyone has different expectations. Everyone is running different hardware and software.

For instance, many of the bugs you’ve listed above: transparent stripes in mountains, random stuttering, photogrammetry not working (it does for me), live weather not working, broken ILS, slow loading textures… I’ve simply never experienced… and if I’ve not experienced it, I’m not going to report it.

On top of that, minor issues like grainy reflections in the cockpit, most just simply won’t care about.

I’m not defending Asobo, nor am I slating them. I agree that problems should be fixed first and foremost and should be given priority over World Updates. However I still fully support them, and they are doing their best. We are still in a pandemic afterall and things are just as difficult for them as it is for us… and if we weren’t, I’m sure we would all be much happier with the sim.

All in all, I’m still enjoying the sim, very much. Yes, sometimes I need to exercise some patience when game-breaking issues arise, but they usually get fixed very quickly to be fair. I have complete faith that in time this sim will be close to perfect.

The developers have said it themselves; This is a long journey.


Hey CaptMatto thank you for your constructive answer

At the Moment my Community Folder is empty. No addons installed

Have tried everything for the past 6 months. From the paging file to clearing the cache, which I never use by the way From Low Settings to Ultra.

I get a 1GB/s Fiber optic cable conduit. Works well down, and upload.

I have actually 7 Zendesk Tickets

As I said, to rule that out, I am already playing before the WU3 update without addons, neither from the Marketplaces (Official Folder) nor from the Community (Community Folder)

I fly for Tests every time the same route, with Clear Weather.

  • Photogrammetry is working fine. Check your data settings. Note that by far the most places don’t have photogrammetry yet
  • Heavy FPS drops should not happen. Are you sure your GPU isn’t overheating?
  • Stutters are not normal. What is your internet speed?
  • I indeed have the normal frame there. Again: not normal I had the wrong plane. It’s indeed missing.
  • You’re not alone with the stripes issue in the mountain, as shown in your topic
  • These staircase effects are height-map errors. The world is big. Can happen, will get rectified.
  • A crash to desktop is exactly that: a crash. Hence the lack of error display
  • The live weather bug is one of the most well-known bugs of the forum.
  • Same with pixel clouds. This should be fixed in the last world update.
  • ILS works fine if you’re able to shoot the approach and catch the localizer. Have done it hundreds of times
  • All planes have a flap-lift issue. This has been widely communicated.
  • Again, very well known issue. You even linked the topic. So no, you’re the only one experiencing that, nor is it hidden.
  • Flying lights do happen sometimes, but rarely.
  • Grainy shadows is due to settings. When cranked up high, shadows are very sharp
  • Again, what is your internet speed? It seems you don’t get the data you should be getting

ORBX has done a big part of the default airports and most of the world updates :wink:


Nope, not for me. And in the Menu all Settings are on. Bing, u.s.w. Also not in London after WU3 Update, and there must be PG, it comes with the lost Update. And i installed also over Marketplace.

My Internet is a 1GB/s Fiber optic cable line

I get this Issue in London in the Thamse after WU3 update.

The one with the missing Garmin frame is also a very mysterious mistake for me. When I use the well-known Da40NG Improvement Mod from the community, the frame is back. Really strange …

I know how to fly a ILS Landing ;). Often it leads me 200 meters away

That’s been going through my head for days. It must be the problem somewhere there.

No, my GPU is at a maximum of 60C in high-performance operation. around 40C at idle

I had the same idea…I used to think “well, maybe we have a lot of variables (like hardware and internet) and this would explain these different experience about the sim”.
But…now I think that yes, the hardware causes different experience, but we also have the “human factor”…some people will complain a lot about grainy reflections, other will say “it does not affect my flight, so ok”. Some will complain about how the sky looks at night, others do not care about zooming stars.
I mean…some people cares imersion, other not.

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Half year and the game have things better but also some got worst like some visuals and bugs and still lack of decent ai traffic logic and models, useless ATC with the airliners using the mod who make the plane flyable, no visual fx, no replay mode, sdk is only usable for sceneries and planes and many other basic things missings


Agreed. Still a long way to go. There’s enough stuff that isn’t working well (G1000, flight model) and the introduction of those new bugs does raise an eyebrow to the QA section.

However, the game has been out only 6 months and we have had 3 free DLC scenery expansion packs, and 2 major functionality updates (including VR)

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Errors are errors and not a matter of opinion;)

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Do you have a navigraph subscription with the AIRAC data?

Yes, that’s true. But people react to them differently. Do I get the grainy pixelated clouds? Absolutely. Do I think it’s a problem that upsets me? Not at all.

Do I get CTD? Hell yeah, do I complain about it? Nope. What do I do with it? I find the culprit, fix it, done.

My point is, people with different perspectives and personality react to problems and deal with them differently. Some people feel they’re entitled to the product they paid for, and rightly so. Other people react by saying, “meh, **** happens. it’s just one of those bad days” and they tend that things like this happening is just a fact of life. Make do with what we have and work around it.

No one is disputing the errors. It’s just the behaviour of different people dealing with problems in different ways.


Nope, i dont use Addons. Here are enough Problems without :wink:

Most addons actually fix the problems. So I don’t see why not try it?

Two things that generally have a downward impact to frame rates are glass cockpits and Mods that touch the cockpits.

Even the excellent Working Title Garmin mods have that effect.

Putting in a Mod to restore the outside appearance of a Garmin unit, well, that’s the kind of stuff that adds up over time. 5 fps here, 3 fps there, soon you’re down to very low numbers.

Yes, I also noticed that depending on where you look in the cockpit, the FPS change drastically. The fewer Garmins in the field of view, the higher the FPS. When I look out the window, the FPS goes up 8-10.

But it is logical and explainable. since the hardware has to reckon with the Garmins more, I can live with it. Errors like the lack of Garmin coverage are more serious. I have to say that I prefer to fly with steam displays. I hate garmins hahaha

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Absolutly, maybe for me to long ;). Everyone has to assess that for themselves

Here’s the thing about the sim.

You can’t run it all, high graphics and high traffic, weather, etc.

I have a very low spec PC. I deliberately run Global Low Graphics, that gets me 60fps over most places.

I have a surplus of fps, so I turn up traffic a little, turn Clouds to Medium and a few other things. Now I’m down to 45 fps.

Turn on a few more things to make the sim immersive or improve graphics. Now I’m down to 35 fps constant in the cockpit. I stop there.

If I can do that over a nameless little airfield or a heavy slow moving PG airport like KJFK or NYC, then I’ve reached the best configuration I can.

And notably, I did it with only two Mods - the Working Title Garmins because I care more about accurate avionics than anything else.

This is the reality for most us who are satisfied with our experience so far. That’s why there are indeed two sims. One is overloaded with Mods to the point the experience is unsatisfying. The other is a bit more lean and straightforward.

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Yup. Do you remember the constant “Stop alpha testing! Release it already!!” posts when it wasn’t out yet? You as game developer, you can’t win. If they had taken another year of development people would have been furious.