Are there 2 different simulators around here?

Some laughable recommendations here. The frame-rate drop three quarters of the way into flights is the first real problem I’ve had since release, other than occasional CTDs.

Edit: and can we stop typing in German and posting screenshots of information that is in German?


What a great, useful post.
Correctly constructive, thank you very much!!!

You are already aware that not everyone speaks English, right ??? And that we always have to use Google Translater, Mistakes happen quickly


“However, the game has been out only 6 months and we have had 3 free DLC scenery expansion packs, and 2 major functionality updates (including VR)”

So what’s the focus then? Is it to make the greatest photo opportunity sim or the greatest flight simulator cause I thought the day 1 announcement tag line was “we’re doing this for the enthusiasts”?

It seems if the enthusiasts are saying the number 1 issue with 1083 votes is flight related problems such as a g1000 and auto pilot related problems but the focus is releasing visual enhancements first that doesn’t sound like the priority is for the enthusiasts. Yes, your snapshot says it’s getting released in sim update 3 but that’s been a day 1 problem for a lot of people but it’s been backlogged till now… Only 6 months, to quote your statement. If I bought an iPhone but the call function was bugged out and couldn’t make a call and Apple told me “we’ll patch that in 6 months…” Samsung is getting my business then.


Wow 120 on deluxe and 450 on airports and planes you obviously love the sim.

I started on gamepass for £1 tried it and like it so used gamepass 20% discount to buy the deluxe edition for £64 on the MS Store as I wanted the C172 Steam gauge plane over standard mainly.

Then of course like you there are planes etc you like and buy. So over Christmas sale bought Mooney and Seminole for £15 each and just bought the Trinidad for £15. LOL if theres a plane for £15 I will buy it. Although must say now my hanger has lots of choice, so not sure I need anymore. Until the next one is released of course.

Bought a Quest and now only fly VR.

Here it is

You fly with the Quest 2?

Ok. Thx for the feedback.

I agree with you. Bugs and issues are expected. It’s that old adage, a company that resonds to customers honestly and openly tends to genrate and keep trust. There reverse seems to be true with Asobo, in my experince anyway.

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from what I can see - people with similar setups and working sims (well - mostly if you exclude the myriad of known issues) is language. Mapping text and such can impose additional overhead and affect timing of calls - that matters when you’re using a GPU. So - it is possible that the differences you and others are seeing in performance and graphics and such could be due to the mapping to non english languages.

That is intersting. Did you share your settings in another post. I litterally try to get to a stutter free experience since I bought the simulator months back and my specs are above yours. Hundreds of pages in different forums didn’t get me to a stuffer free experience.

I was one of the founder of an IT company back in 2000 that started building enterprise software for banks. We introduced test driven and agile development back in these days. See Test-driven development - Wikipedia for an explention of the concept. Bug shouldn’t be expected, but should be the exception.

I’ve had the jerking and stuttering since release. However, since the last update, they have increased massively, also in type. Before, it was either 1-2 seconds stuttering, fps stayed the same. Now after the update I suddenly have an FPS drop from 50-60 to 17-18. Then it sometimes jerks for 1-2 minutes, and then it goes back to 50-60. Most of the stutterers come to me after take-off, on approach, and on landing. But these “new” jerks are more violent and occur everywhere. Recently during a traffic pattern in Sedona.

Setting Language to english, but absolutly no diffrent. Same Bugs as in German.

I have an extra fault… The marketplace doesn’t work for me - anything I try to buy it says purchase failed and yes I do have everything set up in my microsft account correctly including tried all different payment methods, cards, paypal, etc. Other people also have this issue and I have tried all online suggestions but none of them work. I even tried talking to someone from Microsoft but it was like talking to a brick wall - she didn’t seem to understand as she kept saying if you want to buy MSFS… I told her 3 times I already have it and the marketplace wasn’t working for me. I just gave up after half an hour chatting to her. I think she was just reading from a pre-set book of what to reply to a problem.

Thats sounds really frustrating!!!
I’m glad I don’t have this problem too, I’ve already had enough of it.

It’s crazy how many different errors exist, I haven’t seen that with any software, at least not in a Alpha Version.

and yes, the support is not the “best”, to put it dipolmatically :wink:

Why are we resurrecting old complaint threads? There are enough current ones.


I just figured that most people that say there are no problems at all are either newer to flight sims, especially MS Flight sims, OR, their expectations are so low because they simply don’t know what a flight sim should be able to handle.

I feel like we all got taken advantage of, $120~ for a sim and I’m still using FSX. Every time I try to fly the new MSFS there’s some persisting issue, or new issue that has me shutting down in mid-flight and firing up FSX.

You’re not alone, but since you’re not worshipping the sim you’re not a priority.

To me, it’s UNBELIEVABLE the live weather bug is still an issue and people constantly say “there’s a workaround, just blah blah blah…”. This can NOT be that difficult of a fix and if it is I have no idea how they managed to create anything else and it might foreshadow the sorts of fixes they’re capable of actually doing… ‘few, if any’.

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There are problems with the sim, and I don’t think many people claim there are NO problems. It’s just that not every problem makes it unplayable like some people do claim.

If it wasn’t so groundbreaking visually, I don’t think we’d be so forgiving about the other functional and environmental problems that do exist. They are being fixed. It’s not a mature platform like Xplane or P3D.

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