Are there 2 different simulators around here?

Yup. Do you remember the constant “Stop alpha testing! Release it already!!” posts when it wasn’t out yet? You as game developer, you can’t win. If they had taken another year of development people would have been furious.


What? Photogrammetry is working “fine” maybe around 1 mile around plane. If PG was working fine, why there is #1 voted issue of PG & LOD which is completely ignored more than half a year??


It’s currently #5 and under investigation. So I wouldn’t say it’s “completely ignored”

I hope you dont mean one of them was the snow. Snow has been there always, but not getting it from live weather data was a bug IMO. And even if not a bug, it is hardly a major feature.


For the people who seriously try to help me and don’t start talking nicely again…
Here couple Screens of my Settings Ingame




That is a bold claim. To be honest, I didn’t even know it was going to be released until the release;) So it wouldn’t have bothered me to wait another year.

I’m talking about Sim Update 1 and Sim Update 2.

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Because PG is working. If it wasn’t, I could fly right up to the Eiffel Tower or Freedom Tower in NYC and it would remain a triangular polygon.

What people don’t want to do is sacrifice some other aspect of the sim to avoid pop-up LOD. They want a fully formed image even 50 nautical miles away.

Even Google with it’s hidden Easter Egg Flight Sim on Google Earth can’t deliver that over the Net, and arguably they have lower complexity polygons and PG.

If somehow it could be done, it would require sacrificing cycles that would make in-cockpit fps run in the teens.

I’ve been in tactical 3DOF procedures simulators, and it happens even then. There’s a blob, and if you pay attention, it starts polygonal and forms as you get closer. The only reason LOD popup doesn’t happen as badly in procedures sims is you’re using dedicated hardware that has no comparison to a single GPU PC.

Overall, I am enjoying it just, especially compared to FSX with the scenery.

However, what is generally annoying and ruins the experience is all the little bugs that combine together to make a painful experience.

I mostly just fly the working title CJ4 mod (btw latest version just released) and its excellent (limited by the sim not the developers in any case)

What isn’t excellent is dumb ATC and erratic sim autopilot, it drives me nuts and usually means no flight I ever do doesn’t see a problem somewhere…

Sorry, but I can’t agree with you. #5 is only the mentioned thread, the LOD issue as a whole (shattered across dozens of thread) is #1.

“completely ignored” was maybe exaggerated, but honestly for last 6 months there has been anything like “Yes, we are working on this issue, give us a time”. This issue was just denied multiple times, without any other progress.

I do not want to start flame, I love this sim, but I am not happy with attitude of this issue :frowning:


Well as I said, it doesn’t work for me, and apparently, according to the forum, it doesn’t work for many others either. For me, where PG should be, it looks like a firestorm has hit the city. Or like in Chernobil.

No, I want a working PG. And there where I fly at least below me. I don’t care what is 200 miles away.


Sorry I misread it as ‘major features’ for some reason :smiley:

The first update was OK, mostly fixes (they did break the AI copilot with that one though!), but the second one was 90% airliner focused, and I dont fly them. I dont have VR either. So you can understand people like me feeling a bit left out especially when general bugs arent getting the attention it should.

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People do not want fully formed image 50 NM away. At leas 3 NM would be great as current render distance is only somewhere around 1.6 NM…

In the end, why there’s not already slider for render distances? This would solve all issues :wink:

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Again, you’d have to sacrifice hardware cycles to avoid the pop-up LOD effect. And that hardware to run it is not comparable, even on a bespoke Gaming PC, compared to dedicated simulators.

Engineer’s Dilemma: Fast, Easy or Cheap. Pick two out of the three.

And I think it should be user’s dilemma (as in every other game, even Minecraft), not developer’s dilemma :wink:

Is that the case though? The LOD was better before and no one seemed to have complained about performance then. The point of graphic settings is to tune them to your hardware.


What for a Size have you Guys by the UK Photogammterie File? In my Case is 104.59KB(See that in Content Manager). Is this correct?
I find it very small…

I get 1-2FPS difference between 640x480 all low settings vs 3440x1440 all ultra except terrain and object LOD still at low.

This is on a RTX3080. There is no graphics tweaking to be had.

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Hmm, I would set the Terrain and object LOD to 200 if I were you. But apart from that, it looks fine. Can’t you just use the Ultra setting? Or is that too much?

That would mean you’re CPU bound

My son has an even faster system than me, with an RTX 3090 and i910900k, and has exactly the same problems as me. Also on Steam and living in Europe.