Are there any common reasons why an airport won't show up on the map?

EDIT: I have no idea why, but like I said in a reply below, the missing airport suddenly started showing up inexplicably without me changing anything. So weird!

I am working on a scenery project that involves putting nearly identical airports at various locations on the globe (adding some old weather ships). I’ve got one right now that is driving me crazy. It is, to the best of my ability, identical to a second neighboring one, and the one shows up and the other does not. Both are starred. Are there any common watch-outs that cause this sort of thing?

Thanks for any help, this is driving me nuts!

I’m doing something with multiple airports at the moment in the same file. Every time I’m adding a new airport it’s not showing up. This hasn’t happened in the past and I’ve no idea why it’s happening now.

It does show up when I redo the project as a new one with the same information ported over. I’m not making any changes to anything. Maybe that’s worth a try. Tedious but it works.

I dunno, I just restarted my computer and the missing one shows up for me now, and I sent them both to a friend and they both immediately showed up for him.

I’m glad they’re working but I am very ??? about this, I didn’t change anything in the file. It wasn’t showing up and then suddenly was!

Maybe it needs some time to build the addon repository in its internal list to make it visible? I know everytime I installed a new Airport Addon, the SIDs and STARs are always blank. But after restarting the sim, the next time I logged in, the SIDs and STARs are now populated into the airport. It’s as if it needs to load something to make it into the repository, then restarting the sim will have them refreshed and updated.

@TriggerMaru I can’t give you a definitive answer on why you are experiencing what you are. The way you phrase it indicates to me that it may be something to do with the way MSFS works, when it creates a virtual file system. This could also be the reason why @Neo4316 needs to restart the sim to get some of the SIDs and STARs to work.

I am no expert in any of this and I am more jumping in to this thread to mention what may be a more appropriate venue for getting better answers, in case you were not aware of it.

Recently a support platform for the SDK was opened by MS/Asobo where specific questions/bugs can be relayed to the developers.

The website is: All Posts - MSFS DevSupport

To post there one needs to create a new account- Forum accounts are not populated there.

I hope you get a resolution to your query!

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For the OP, it’s possible the two airports are too close to each other?
There is a circle of influence that is associated with an airport, perhaps reduce this for the two airports so they are not interfering with each other?