Are there any other good MSFS forums out there?

Seems pointless posting in here these days since the mods ALWAYS move the post to some one of the other thousand subsections. I don’t know about the rest of you but I personally don’t have the time to scour all the dozens and dozens of forum subsections to read posts. I also notice way few responses as a result. Any other good forum recommendations?


There is a search feature as well as a new topics and latest posts. The subsections help keep the forum organized. Imagine if everyone posted to only one category how hard it would be to navigate; not to mention bringing issues forward.

If you need some assistance on how to navigate this forum, there’s a sub-section dedicated to just “forum guides”:

Latest Community Support/Forum Guide topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Hope this helps!


Just a heads up AVSIM isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I’ve had an account for downloading files for a very, very long time and read quite a bit there but I don’t think I have ever engaged personally on their forums.

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I’m older and used to forums, but it seems that a lot of flight sim community is happening on Discord nowadays. I would suggest to find some Discord groups that fit your style of flight simming.

Viewing Latest and New will always show you the most recent or most active topics.

Search is really good on this forum - you just have to pick the keywords and decide if you want to see most Relevant or Latest results.

We move Topics as needed to organize the forum as best possible. General Discussion is not a catch-all category.


I get that man, I really do. The problem with the forum is there are just too many subsections. Y’all could condense it better so as to not have sooo many of them.

*EDIT - I just checked and there appears to be 74 total sections yes? Sorry, but that is just too much.

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That’s actually condensed. We consolidated a lot of sections in the last year.

If it helps I just use the Latest view like mentioned before. Linky:

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This stuff is nowadays all designed by people who use smartphones all day, user interfaces were much better 10 years ago but complaining isn’t gonna change a ■■■■ thing.


Suggestions were made. Before anyone goes any further and starts discussing Moderation, which some posts already have, this thread is closed.