Are there gonna be missions or a career mode?

Flight Sim World (from Dovetail Games, now back to Microsoft) was a simulator a lot of people didn’t like, but it had a nice flight school, with lots of lessons. Lessons for weather, VOR, VFR, flight patterns etc. Final “mission” was a solo flight so you could get your (digital) PPL. Unfortunately they cancelled the development before they add more lessons they had planned(like bi-motors, jets, helicopters etc).

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Interesting, I’m surprised to know folks didn’t enjoy the learning process of flying, but ok, I appreciate the info. Thanks much.

I’m hoping for something like NeoFly, maybe they even are one of the remaining mystery partners, who knows.

It’s really nicely done, it only misses the integration with the sim world. You choose a home base. You have a plane and some money, you can buy or rent better ones and you travel from airport to airport (or do jobs from your homebase). There are various job types in it too. There also is a basic system for repairing your aircraft and refueling it. You can even buy goods in one place and sell them in the other.

Taking this one level up would make things very interesting. With NeoFly you have to manually position your plane, set the correct fuel (this can be done automatically for many planes) and set the correct load. If this works automatically, with the added depth of having to walk to your plane and do a walk around, it will be a very nice addition.

Add a more in depth wear and tear system (which was a feature for MSFS 2024 if I’m correct) and dirt accumulation and I can see a beautiful experience lying ahead.

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I want a mix of Flight School/Flight Sim World (with flight lessons and flight certifications (like PPL, IFR, VRF etc). FSEconomy with it’s persistent world, you can buy FBOs and get paid for that, you can offer jobs for other users, you can buy/seel/rent airplanes. And Neo Fly with its more user friendly enviroment (like much better User Interface).

Great idea as Jorg said we would need to get certified for the careers and it would make sence to have like an fbo as i would assume like flying doctor they would have an homebase
@LMeX Yes wear and tear was stated in the faq, i wonder how in depth it will be

If they do this right, it will be so great. Like @Cahzito said, having to go through flight lessons and your main certifications first. Then choose a career path and a base airport to operate from. Having to actually keep your plane in good condition by treating it right. The “improved aircraft systems” from your screenshot could indicate that maybe (for example) overheating your engine may result in failures and additional wear and tear. A hard landing may cost you tires and over braking might cost you braking discs. The walk around may actually have purpose now.

That combined with an economic aspect would give so much more depth to flying. Damaging your aircraft or crashing it may actually feel like a true penalty when you can no longer use your bigger aircraft to transport more goods/people for a bigger reward.

I wonder how (and if) they will handle repairs and cleaning of the aircraft. It would be nice if you can lose your plane for a couple of days for big repairs or if you have to bring it in for maintenance at a specific airport.

No matter what, I hope that they make the career module so that they can update it and add newer and better features to it over time. One of the biggest disappointments of MSFS 2020 was that it never received many updates to the actual core product in terms of new features. I was always hoping they would add new cloud types, other activity types, better biomes, a working wiper system, etc. But it was always just more scenery, planes and more of the same type of activities (apart from the few DLC packages they introduced). Not that I’m complaining about those, but would be nice to see the gradual improvement over the whole line in the next version.

I was rereading your post about neofly @Cahzito then checked neofly website and came across this This was added way before the vegas expo. I wonder what are the odds the Neofly team are becoming an offical partner.

Well if you look at the job type list of NeoFly you start wondering about it even more haha:

  • Cargo
  • Passengers
  • VIP passengers
  • Emergency
  • SAR
  • Fire
  • Parachutist
  • Advertising
  • Humanitarian

You also need certifications for specific aircraft classes.

I think it will be the perfect match for a pretty nice integration into MSFS 2024. Especially with the visual objects integration and the ability to walk around. NeoFly can really keep me busy discovering new and pretty hard to land on airstrips (near Nice in France). I never really knew what to do in MSFS, but now I have a goal. It’s really nicely done and you can use it for free.

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Also neofly works very well with the sky4sim ipad where you can choose the jobs, and guess what fs2024 will have defult efbs in all planes soo could we be onto something :grin:

Yeah I’m pretty sure of it now if you put it all together like this haha.

Personal Comment & Observation:
Having looked at their website, there do seem to be a lot of potential similarities…Hmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Very much so, excuse the scaling for some reason neofly doesnt like my monitor. the is just freelance mode and all i did was loaded into an airport and got all thease options with a destination already calculated


I hope it’s not too intricate. If certification is less gamey and simplistic, but rather system specific where it takes days to learn how to use something, it’s gonna imo alienate a lot of users who don’t want to do that. Some people want to just play, fly, missions sound cool but to what point. Guess we’ll have to see. And it would be nice if all mission types were available at start. I hope it’s not a tiered unlock method. Fs 2024 sounds cool but for me having the world be updated and shared in 2020 was a big win, and an option to potentially put off getting 2024 if turns out to be complicated. Hope I’m wrong.

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You have a very valid point i dont think it would be too hard after all if it too hard people will be put off by it and will go on to something else, also a suggestion for the careermode aspect. maybe there could be something like the assitace page easy to true to life. but just for the career system eg you land too hard or something the job will continue on, you overstress the aircraft maybe the aircraft will be effected on medium to hard setting but it wont end your flight

Well I’m pretty sure that they will give you options on how to play, like:

  • Free flight (location, plane, weather, starting state)
  • Flight school (hopefully both theory and practice)
  • Instant action
    • Landing challenges
    • Discovery flights
    • Bush trips
    • Instant career mission without money/certification/etc. involved
  • Career (where you have to work your way up from a set base)
    • [Select Pilot]
    • New Pilot
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Thats what Im hoping for what ever we get no doubt it will exceed what we expect like trailer 1 we didnt see alot then trailer 2 blew me away and with the expo news

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