Are there some silent updates going on or is just me?

On the past few days, I’ve been noticing that there are no more CTD’s on my sim. Same installation, same addons, same machine and same config.
But today something very visible happen. After terminating a flight, I noticed that the nag screen after the engines shut down didn’t came up. It only came up after I switched off the external power to shut the cockpit down.
Since yesterday it wasn’t like this, I question myself if there are some silent updates going on??
Did anyone else noticed this today?

Been like that for me a while now but it’s also dependent on what Aircraft you fly some have it when shutting down the engines but a lot have it when you turn off the battery

Of course they update and make corrections to data at their end but I have a funny feeling that you are on Steam who have recently had server problems particually with the last update which at least for some has been fixed.

sound like servers more stable and have more bandwidth, if you don’t change place and ac then got more stable sim

Flight exit screen doesn’t appear until avionics or battery are turned off. This is normal.


Are you suggesting that connection to the game servers is prioritized by some sort of user account flag? That Steam users have a lower priority on Microsoft’s update servers than Microsoft store users?

Steam doesn’t update the game. Small client updates happen to the steam client* but the actual game update data is coming from the same servers that everybody else uses.

*That Steam update is likely nothing more than handling the launcher - it’s always extremely fast (so fast I’ve sometimes not even noticed it happen)

I’ve seen improvements on Xbox between updates, so I do think it’s more server side updates than anything to do with steam specifically.
Training missions randomly starting to function properly 3 day post the last patch, having been broken the previous 2. Stuff like that.

No, I’m just suggesting Steam is a bucket of XXXX. I had MSFS on the platform a whole 3 weeks and both installation and updates were looping affairs, the latter not fixed for three whole days. Sacked them off, got a refund and bought off the MS store, I have not had a problem since.

I’m not sure that what you are describing has anything to do with Steam at all.

Interesting observation…

Last week, because of work I did not have time to fly MSFS… on friday night I started the sim after 4 days, and it took about 15 minutes to go through “Take the Pilot seat”. I inspected the network transfer and MSFS was doing megabytes of read transfer. Today the startup went much faster.

3days of looping files certainly does to me. I Iiterally uninstalled one minute and went straight to the MS store the next, not only did the sim then download in one hit but unlike with Steam it was also at my full internet speed.

Also on these boards it is some coincidence that the press fly, blackscreen and then CTD bug is only being reported by Steam users. The same with the loss of Bing textures.

Looping ? the old issue… I’ve put this link 20x or so, since the Japan update… The trick helps


You can put it back afterward, see this page

I had strange low connectivity last night. Bing world data would appear to be off, and there would be no warning about that. Blurries all over the place. Never had anything like it. Today it’s all good though. Thought maybe there is some sort of server maintenance taking place.

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Aaaannnnd I bet you’re on steam :grin:

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