Are those advertised weather functionalities ever been implemented?

Viewing that video again ((2) Feature Discovery Series Episode 2: Weather - YouTube), we can see that some functionalities have been implemented but some others I really have doubts or maybe they are there but don’t work or have not been activated. So maybe we could ask in a next Q&A if following points will be activated or fixed:


  • Humidity and pollution to reflect weather visibility

  • Layered atmosphere with variable particle densities

Ultra Detailed (Clouds)

  • 32 Layers with density, shape, fuzziness

  • Updraft (work in progress), dissolution, formation

  • Native support of all clouds types

World-Wide 60 layers of real time cloud data

  • Real time injection into the volumetric clouds

  • Fronts, storms, rain (already there), all real world clouds are present in the sim

20 Layers of all other weather data

  • Pressure, humidity, temperature (already there)

  • Wind speed, direction (already there) and gusts

Native Support

  • Jet Stream

Absolutely not! I just see cumulus clouds everywhere, but they are absolutely harmless and there are no thunderstorms, no lightnings, no convective turbulence… ABSURD for a flight simulator!!