Are traffic sliders really working?!

Hi guys, I’ve spent the last 48 hours troubleshooting yet another problem with the sim: out of the blue, right when everything has been running very very smooth for two straight weeks, I’ve started having heavily degraded performance few minutes after starting a flight. Long story short, after the usual checks, out of desperation, I’ve turned to zero the slider for “ferry and ships” (it was turned up to 100). Problem solved, confirmed with several tests. Next, I then try to find the sweet spot turning gradually down the slider from 100 and… Nothing happens. Same boat number. Several tests and restart later, I suddenly remember that I had the same problem with the “AI traffic” slider (which I don’t use anymore…): whatever value I give to the slider, unless it’s set to ZERO, it will populate the game as it was set to 100! I’ve done some other tests with “leisure boats” and apparently it’s the same there. Am I the only one experiencing this? Is it a known bug?

Am I the only one experiencing this!?