Are trees/bushes supposed to look like this?

They look quite blurry/muddy. The grass and the smaller plant look more defined. Obviously you wouldn’t always look at them from this close, but even a bit further away (like in the background) they don’t look that great. Maybe this is just how they look like in this game, but I just wanted to make sure that it’s not some kind of setting or driver issue.

I have pretty much all the Graphics settings on High. Also tried to change a few settings around (higher, lower, AA, Render Scaling) and it didn’t really change much.

It’s the same with me. MS has reduced the graphics settings everywhere with the current patch. It’s not for nothing that I have an i5 6600K and a GTX1070 instead of 35-40fps in high setting now 60 on Ultra. A cheek to advertise with great pictures and to deliver FSX.

It’s the same for me and I have set pretty much everything to high or ultra.
( nice placement of the windsock btw :smiley: )

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