Are we getting another beta build?

So SU10 is set to release this coming Tuesday. Has there been any news or comments if we can expect another build by end of this week?

I sure hope we do and if this current build is what we will be getting on release date, then it will be heartbreaking!!

There’s been no official word of any kind to the community. That info is only known internally, and Microsoft aren’t very forthcoming with information of any kind.

It’s not inconceivable that we might get one more build though. It’s happened before that the final beta build launched on the Thursday before the official release on Tuesday.

I do hope we get another and that issues are addressed, because if they launch what we have now as the final build with its significant performance regression and utterly broken DX12, there are going to be a lot of really upset PC simmers.


guess they will tell us tomorrow in the dev qa and/or dev update…


I don’t think they’ll announce it in the Q&A. It will either go live or not. In any case, I don’t have high expectations of the Q&As any more. They’ve basically turned into a “look how great everything is” exercise peppered with marketing, some “we need to do better at communicating” comments, and with a bunch of non-answers to actual important questions. The format and production has improved significantly (great work by Jayne and the CM team to make that happen) but the quality of the information from the Q&As has taken a dive in the last year. It sounds more like politicians talking now. Lots of words, little tangible info, and lots of “we’ll get back to you on that next Q&A or in the forums” replies. And of course, they never do get back to us.


Are we there yet?


According to this article (sorry, german wegsite) they are working on another Beta Build:
Flight Simulator: Unbequeme Fragen an die Entwickler am Donnerstag (


Not sure where this site is getting their information from, but it’s certainly plausible. Like I said in an earlier post, this wouldn’t be the first time they release a “final” beta build on the Thursday prior to the public release on the following Tuesday.

Here is the short of the page at the very end talking about another build and release or not to release -

“In any case, the live stream on Thursday should be exciting for technology fans. Asobo is currently working on a new beta build for the sim update 10. Whether the schedule for the release on 08/23. can still be met is likely to be decided on Thursday. As a side note, Flight Simulator is also part of Gamescom. Microsoft has confirmed that visitors can play a demo on site.”


That says to me that they aren’t opposed to delaying the release if they feel it isn’t ready yet.

I’m on Xbox and have bought 3rd party airports, add-ons and airplanes (plus the XBox obviously + Ultimate pass + fs2020 media: base, premium & premium deluxe) worth more than at least 3 high speed PCs including the Windows licenses. :thinking:


Feeling the Same way. Somehow i doubt that this Franchise would have been revived without bringing it to the consoles in mind… which is OKAY, btw. i could just bite my own behind for heavily investing in a new PC when i should have gone for a medium-end system as the sim is obviously being developed for specs which most people´s systems have…

did you buy the console SPECIFICALLY for the Sim, if i may ask? If so: why (if I may further ask :slight_smile: )

Yes I did. I did not buy one single additional game nor do I have any game (other than the fs2020) installed on my Xbox and this even as I could do so for free as I have a Gamepass Ultimate subscription. Couple of reasons:

  • easy to handle (small, can pack it up and go places with it… obviously I’d need a screen where I go)
  • very fast standby/resume: definitely under a minute from cold&dark till I can resume a flight
  • hazzle free… I thought… lots of CTDs and blank displays which is a pain and makes me wish I’d a PC
  • relatively cheap compared to a 3090 class PC… though I realised that I spent a fortune on 3rd party airports, add-ons and planes that render the spending for the HW nearly neglectable
  • with HDR10 and dolby vision excellent graphics on my LG
  • one really downside is the lack of multi monitor support which I think is not that different on PC even the future is brighter there when you have a graphics card with multiple HDMI connectors
    That’s about it in quick words.

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I’m happy you were proven wrong today


Me too! I don’t mind being wrong at all when the outcome is positive. They didn’t announce a beta specifically, but knowing the SU10 release is delayed means we’ll have at least 1 or 2 more beta builds that hopefully address the outstanding issues.

However, we did get a lot of “We’ll get back to you”, “I don’t know”, and some half-answers that didn’t really address questions being asked


Has there been an update? Where?

When is the Q&A ? I cannot find any info about it
. (must be looking in all the wrong places … as usual !! )

It’s ongoing, on twitch.

Twitch Link please… I spent 30 minutes trying to find it … !!