Are we happy about using the ATC to request pushback, etc?

Just wondering if there are others that are annoyed by having to use the severely inaccurate ATC to call for a pushback or any other ground services?

I’m not asking for much - it can even be in the same menu. But why don’t have the ground services as an intercom communication. Just listening to the request for stopping pushback via ATC is excruciating.

Just a simple “please stop pushback” or similar is enough. The same goes for any other ground services like fuel, catering and baggage. They should be started by intercom and stopped when finished.

The other ground services are optional, but for pushback you can use shift+p to bypass ATC for the initial start. Then you still have to use them for pushback steering I believe.

I found this while not having the option to pushback at all and being stuck at one of their highlighted airports of all places :slight_smile:

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It´s indeed not realistic at all, but to be honest, it´s the least problem with the ATC right now

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Ha! True enough.

I was pretty surprised they didn’t just blatantly copy better pushback. Hopefully the software will allow someone to come in and offer a better solution.


Ummmmmm no! Upvote +578473847758 also…while we are OFF the topic! Are we happy with NO REPLAY? :laughing:

Better Pushback from xplane is great. Would be a better alternative

There is a thread in #self-service:wishlist discussing ideas on how the pushback system could be improved, feel free to add your voices and vote for this suggestion here: Improved pushback system is needed

We are not happy with ATC. period. :smiley:

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I jumped in on this also. And added that an intercom option is needed for catering and baggage too :slight_smile: