Are we supposed to be using DX12 now?

I’m so confused about this. For PC users, are we supposed to be using DX12 or 11 because I’ve been getting mixed reviews, and now that the update is out, what is better to use?

DX11 is what is officially supported.

DX12 was introduced with SU7 as a beta and still is.


There was a topic about DX12 where someone claimed that it provided better performance, but it got a hundred replies and zero upvotes. That should tell you everything.


It is up to you.
If you like it, use it.
It seems to work OK with the default sim.
Be aware though, a lot of 3rd party addons will not work in DX12.

It seems to run Ok in 2D, but will crash VR on exit to 2D.

Correct answer; nobody should be using DX12 currently. Not because I say so, but because:

As best as anyone can tell, no changes to DX12 mode have been made since it was introduced.

As of the last weekly update, they have DX12 slated for Sim Update 10. We are due for a monthly live stream this week, so hopefully they will elaborate on that timeline for DX12, then.

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Here’s a novel idea.

Rather than doing what other people tell you, how about you try it out for yourself and see how it works. For every person that swears on their mother’s grave that it’s better / faster, there’s someone that will tell you that it runs like garbage (the latter being my own experience with it). Like everything else in this sim, it’s unpredictable and the experience varies from person to person.

For those for whom it works, it seems to work well. or those where it doesn’t, it’s hot garbage. And you’ll typically know very quickly which camp you fall into if you try it out.

Just keep in mind it’s still very much beta (like the rest of the sim). You use it at your own risk. So if DX11 works fine for you, then stick with it. There’s absolutely zero reason or advantage to switch to DX12 atm.

But there’s no damage it can do. If it doesn’t work, it’s matter of switching back, restarting the sim, and you’re back to where you were before.


I knew there was something I liked about you!


There’s no such thing as 2D unless you play specifically made or old games… Computer game graphics has been 3D since the 90s and when Voodoo and S3 cards came out.
When you move to the side you can see around a wall, the image doesn’t stay the same but just pan to the side. :wink:

VR is sorta stereoscopic but using 3D computer graphics.


Well technically you are still viewing a 3D game on a 2D panel. The only true 3D experience is going VR.


VR is just 2x 2D panels then, they are monitors as well.
It’s stereoscopy as i said.

The game is rendered in 3D. People claiming a monitor is 2D are wrong. 2D graphics is something entirely different.

I own Valve index and 3x monitors, i am not biased in any way.

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Ok… now that we all know what 3D is… how’s DX12?


Hahahaha :smiley:


I think I may have modded too many other forums for my own good.

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Whaaaat??? are you talking about.

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Working well.


DX12 still exhibits long, long pauses at random locations. The sim recovers, but they keep happening. Not ready for prime time yet.

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I’m getting better fps with dx12 but with the little stutter as others had said, after the small update today, I have seen 70fps with a pop out panel gns530 - which is 30-40 fps more than I was getting with dx11


Nice that it works for you. But for others, it’s crippling stutters and pauses. I’m talking jumping between single digit and 60 fps frame rates.

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As of right now DX 12 is there to test if it works. As in we should be looking for anything that looks different or is missing, or crashes that we don’t get in DX 11. Any such observations should be reported to zendesk.

So far no optimizations have been made for DX 12 and many have reported that performance is worse with DX 12, but for others it’s about the same or a little better. It’s dependent on your hardware and graphic options you have set up in the sim so it’s hard to predict if it’ll be better for you or not.

So if you feel like doing some A B comparison testing and reporting any issues or just want to see if maybe you’ll get lucky and have better performance sure try DX 12. If you just want stuff to work and not mess about with things stay on DX 11 for now.