Are you getting VR nausea?

I am frequent VR flyer in other sims and usually do multi hour flying non stop. I am very used to VR. I am using HP Reverb G2 with i9900k/2080TI and followed all the recommendation of lower my setting to med 60s.

For whatever reason, I am getting VR nausea after 15 ~ 30 min of use in FS2020. I am trying to pin point what is the root cause of this. I am flying GA Cessna 172 and not moving my head too much in the Seattle area.

Anyone else have similar experience of nausea only in FS2020?

Only when I’ve tried Stunt flying in the Extra.

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This is my first flight sim in VR, today I went from Vancouver to Seattle and I did not get nauseous at all in the a320, though I imagine if you have framerate issues or do aerobatics you can get nauseous.

I get a lot of nausea playing other VR games, so I am not special in that regard

I’ve been flying around using my Pimax 8k today and did get a bit nausea when making sudden movements and quick turns, once I stopped and flew with slow turns it settled.

I’m trying to slowly build up my VR legs so I only flew for about 30 mins in VR today

I think the game is having some problems with frame pacing and frame timings in VR at the moment, causing a rather inconsistent experience (micro-stutters and judder), which could be what is causing your nausea, especially if you don’t get it in other flight sims.

I believe this is what is happening. After doing a lot of reading I have manage to reduce significant amount of nausea by making 4 changes.

  1. Download OpenXR Developer Tool from Microsoft
  2. On the 3rd tab “Developer Setting” make following changes
  • Turn on “Use latest preview OpenXR runtime”
  • Check the checkbox “Custom Render scale” and set it to 70
  • Motion Reprojection as Always on
  1. In FS2020 change scenery scaling to 70

This helped a lot. Not totally fixed but at least flyable for more than 15 min :slight_smile:

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Does that tool only work with certain headsets?

Are these changes persistent? Everybody keeps recommending doing this (or something very similar), but every time I’ve tried, it just made things worse.

The tool is for WMR head set for sure. Other platforms are supported as listed here. The changes are persistent.

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