Areas and cities that must be seen

Hello Simmers!

I searched here but actually didn’t find the right one on the topic.

I myself find it fascinating to fly slowly over certain areas in a helicopter and discover photorealistic things there that cannot be compared with the global world. I have often seen that there are photo-realistic cities, but the corresponding satellite sections are terrible. But I also flew to areas where everything was correct, photo-realistic, very good satellite images and also the post-processing of the satellite images such as no or only little static traffic was to be seen on the pictures because they were reworked. I would like something like that here maybe with a screenshot and a small description of how detailed everything is if someone happens to come from this area and they know their way around and can confirm what can be seen. It would be nice to have such a travel guide because the world is so big that you just can’t explore everything.

I can recommend Duisburg in Germany, I live nearby and know the city very well so that I can say what you are seeing is in line with reality! It is photo-realistic when everything is loaded from the servers and the Bing section is clear and sharp even at low heights. The satellites seem to have been processed and cleaned in many parts of the recorded road traffic that was photographed with. Most of the mesh data seem to be correct, even the heaped hills and containers in the port of Duisburg are in 3D

Suburb of Duisburg with a view of the center in the background


Harbour Duisburg

This pictures have made bevor WU5 and XBox release!