Areas below sea level to fly

One of the stats is distance flown below sea level inverted. That’s a fun one to try too.

:joy: :joy: Need to try that out. I am sure outcome will be crash.

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I think the dead sea is officially the lowest point below sea level. It’s also the easiest to fly a low altitude*

  • Flying over water with few clear references to judge distance in a game requires a keen eye on your instruments. and because it’s FS2020 there do appear to be hills in the water so the elevation of the dead sea changes!

Turning up wind a little might help to create some texture on the water surface to assist with visual cues if flying by eye only.

I think I managed a sustained 24ft above ground level in that region for a while - hand flying with eyes on instruments a lot.

It’s possible to use Autopilot Alt hold and VS for adjust but the steps of Alt change in VS are quite coarse and the elevation does seem to change so you need to monitor and adjust as you go. Might as well hand fly.

I’m not sure this writes to the profile accurately though. My time flying below sea level does not seem to have increased in months.

Death Valley ≈-240ft -300ft

Assal Lake ≈-400ft

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