Areas Where 2020 Regressed from FSX

Are you serious? Just remap the hat switch with the following bindings:

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Thanks pal I been waiting for someone to open this door, here we go:

Lack of missions
Lack of tutorials
Lack of a manual!

Controls dont work properly - rudders especially
Auto pilot is not functioning properly
ATC gives crazy instructions at times - landing that go through mountains etc
Installed itself into a folder named “Chucky” - so professional
Cant open the door of my plane! - maybe i havent figured it out

Probably loads more but these are the first into my thoughts.

It comes off like I hate the game, I love it, but I can criticise it too!

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Thanks. It is configure this way but one cannot stop say any point between center and left for example.

Right - it is love for the sim that make us sound that way. So ironic!

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Being able to adjust the eyepoint (Like we could in FSX/P3d) to get rid of the fisheye lens look in external view (Has already been requested in the voting) wishlist, but thought I would add it here as well, for good measure :slight_smile:

I believe the up/down keyboard arrows adjust your position (eye-point) up/down in the cockpit.
Zoom in with the mouse wheel when using the external view to reduce/fix the fisheye view.

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Agreed, but you are then too close to the aircraft. The more you zoom out, the buildings and the sky and aircraft fuselages start to stretch. If you zoom in to 1.0 (like in the old FSX), then move the eyepoint/FOV back, the sky and the buildings stay as they are, ie: Not stretched

The vote thread is here if you are interested in getting this feature added

You can change the hat switch bindings to move it freely. You do need to rebind all four or eight directions manually though.

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This is not the same as “free look”

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not to mention “continous flyby”

The whole camera thing in MFS2020 is real a mess.
From mouse to keyboard and back makes me crazy (like the sh… from xplane)
I want ALL visual functions back on my coolie hat … no mouse or keybard cam !!!

Here you this will give you the ability to move and stop the camera wherever you want.

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are there any loadable presets for the cam on msf2020 ?

You must have more that one assignment then because the picture shown will pan a full 360 and pan up and down. I have it set up this way and it pans, I have no snap views with the hat switch

Then I just don’t understand what exactly you need.

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You can also adjust the speed at which the external camera pans around and how fast it slows to a stop after you let go of it.

Would also add to this list -

  • Taxiways at most towered airports are identified using fake, procedurally generated identifiers. FSX had them accurate as of the time the sim was released.

  • There are no radio/TV tower obstacles anywhere in the sim with the exception of windmills. Again, FSX had them. It had other things like VORs, too. (they have acknowledged missing obstacles at least, so they should come to the sim some day)

  • This might be small potatoes to some but it bothers me - runway numbers for narrow (< 100’ wide) runways are too small now. At least in the US per FAA regs, there are requirements that define a minimum size, and it was something FSX got right but it regressed in MSFS some time after TA1.

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This helps a lot and exactly what I was looking for. I wish there was some user/help documentation or has that been substituted by this forum?

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Hi there,
I’m going to close this because, as you could see, you can use the “COCKPIT LOOK _____” bindings in the camera settings.

For the other items, they are covered by topics with more votes. We can only keep one topic open per request, so please review and vote on these other topics, if you haven’t seen them before:

For some of the other comments – I can’t go through them all, there’s too many – here are a select few:

Search for tag:training.