Aren't you a little short to be a pilot?

So, i managed to really tune in my sitting position relative to the seat in the cockpit, in sense i could hook up the 5-point harness and i can fully extend my legs and only barely touch the rudder pedals in the A320. My butt is all the way to the edge of my seat (both physically and virtually) before my legs would be in the position of the pedals in the plane.

Does the real thing have forward/back seat adjust or am i just too short to fly the airbus?

Cars have adjustable seat positions, what makes you think the A320 wouldn’t?

All airliner crew seats adjust forward and backward, and most raise and lower as well. There is usually a certain degree of recline function for the seat back (but not as much as an automobile), and often an adjustable lumbar support pad.

Also, in most airliners, the rudder pedals themselves can be adjusted fore and aft to accommodate pilots with different leg lengths.

So I haven’t played in VR (ever), but are you centering the camera?

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Of course it can be adjusted… Not all pilots are the same height… :slight_smile: In Vr though it can’t, but it is what it is. I believe its all the way back in vr… By looks of it. In all planes.

yes comparing 2D and 3D it’s just the “all the way back” setting


Interesting. I only wondered because i mostly play flight sims where the planes make other blames go boom and if my military aviation enthusiasm remembers correctly, you gotta be a minimum height to be a pilot depending what you wanna fly. This may have changed and i could even be totally wrong

I looked around on the sides for the adjustable levers and didn’t see them. Granted you can’t reposition your seat only your head but no dice. probably looking in the wrong area.

I’m just stopping by to laugh at the title. I remember a newspaper comic that showed a little boy with is mom with a very disturbed expression, boarding a flight that says to the captain, “this is my first time on a jet!” The captain kneels down to him and says, “Oh really!? Me too!”

My impression is that the seat in the 320 in VR is somewhere not far off fully backwards (before it starts to then move to the side). Not sure if you can move the seat itself in game but you can definitely move your position in the cockpit.

And to answer your question, yes the real bus has adjustable seats. You can adjust the main arm rest with two dials for angle and height, the other arm rest just has a small release button on the front with stops every few degrees to adjust angle (and can be folded up entirely out of the way). The seat itself has mechanical and (if your airline paid for it) electrical adjustment fore/aft and height up/down. There is mechanical tilt for recline and mechanical lumbar adjustment, and as another user posted the rudder pedals themselves move fore/aft.

There are some very short people that fly the airbus, so I’d say unless you are sub 5ft then no you aren’t too short!

Yeah, and I really like those who leave the seat up as high it will go. /s Why people do that? I’ve lost count how many times I’ve smashed my scalp on the overhead panel.

Funny, i was going for a play on Star Wars…

I always assume it’s the engineers playing silly buggers when it’s that high.

You can ‘trick’ the VR to adjust your seat position. Set yourself up where you ant to be to fly, move your seat back 6 inches, center the display then put your chair back where it should be. You’ve view point in the cabin is now 6" closer to the dashboard… Just don’t hit space to recenter the view. :slight_smile:

Or you could assign keybinds to forward/aft; left/right; up/down. and just move in whatever direction until you are in your sweet spot. Works perfect if you have a gamepad.

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