Aribus A 320 and A/THR

I have a question regarding the A 320 and A/THR. Is it normal A/THR is armed when i put my throtle completely forward? I had this while landing. I was a little bit to slow, so i tried to gain more speed. I put the throtle completely forward and in this moment A/THR was armed. A/THR slowed my speed down but almost immediatly to 70 knots and i dropped like a rock on the ground. I had the same while starting. I put the throtle completely forward, A/THR was armed and my plane crashed because i do not gained enough speed.

Is the A/THR trothle thing normal in the A 320?

I have found this. But i stillt need to experiment with it in FS 2020

You should record a video of what exactly you’re doing because I haven’t experienced any of this. Honestly sounds completely opposite to anything I’ve had.

If you put the throttle full forward it will be at TOGA thrust, the most you can get. It will actually override A/THR at this point and just go full tilt. A/THR only operates within the range labeled “A/THR” on the thrust levers, which is between “idle” and the “climb” gate. So if you’re full forward on take-off I don’t see how you could crash from not having enough speed… all the airliners seem to be a bit or a rocket.

In any event on landing, A/THR should be engaged and thrust levers at “climb” until ~30 feet above the ground when you hear “retard.” At that point, you pull back to idle, then to reverse on touchdown. A/THR should be able to manage your speed on approach.

Check out this guy’s videos on YouTube, he’s an A320 pilot and walks through some tutorials on the plane in MSFS

The answer to your question starts at 3:30 minute of the video. Be aware, there is real A320 and not a default „bus“ in FS2020; as you may be know, the def. bus is so far from the real one as the Pluto from the Earth. Neverthless the videos from the real pilots are very helpful to understand the Bus-Philosophy.

Thank you for the answer. Well i am to much used to DCS. This is defenetly an Airliner and so there are automatic systems/stall systems and autothrust which i am still not that common with. I was just confused, that when i pulled back the the throtle autothrust still was in “engaged” mode. I mapped the red deactivation button just in case on my throttle like on the real life Airbus. I have watched the video and the pilot lands always with autothrust on, so i have to get used to it. The Airbus 320 is defenetly not a F 18 :smiley:

(Furthermore autothrust was armed when i put the throtle on maximum. The F 18 does not have this of course :wink: )