Around Ohio and Lake Erie Islands

Looking to fly with someone. Props mostly and short hops. Available most of the time. Retired. I fly VR.

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Hi - next week, on Twitch, FlyCookie6508 and I will be streaming our Adventure Through The Skies show (Thursdays 7PM EDT), ‘Across Ohio’ flying towards the end of it, along Lake Erie and visiting Cedar Point (addon scenery available on

I grew up there and visited many of the places we’ll be seeing and you might be interested. We will start in Cincinnati, visiting Reds Stadium (also an addon from, Kings Island (also an addon from, up through Ohio State/Columbus to Cleveland, the shores of Lake Erie, Cedar Point, and then landing close by. We gather in the Group Podcast channel on the Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord where you can ask questions or add comments while we stream on Twitch.

You’re more than welcome and we’d love to have you join us.

Retired … Get a job you bum … Oh wait so am I oh well, if your interested I usually fly out of burke to Erie every morning around 6 am, sometimes earlier. Usually in the 208 @ 900’. If the sim is really running good I might go as far as Buffalo, Niagra Falls area. If we go to Erie its about 32 min flight.