Around the World in the a320 starting January 2nd - Group Flight!

Starting Sunday, January 2nd at 11:00 pm EST, our community is going to begin flying around the world in the FBW a320. (Participants are welcome to fly any aircraft they like for this trip!) Here are the details!

  • Not only is this trip focused on large aircraft for the longer legs, but we are ALSO doing VFR flights in more scenic areas as we arrive. i.e. if we were to land in Rome, we might spend the next evening flying VFR around Italy and circle back to our previous destination to continue the ATW trip the following night.
  • Each leg of the trip will be roughly 2 hours.
  • Each flight plan will be setup beforehand and uploaded to our Discord server. (link below)
  • Each night we typically have around 15-20 people flying as a group so we’d love to see more people get involved with the trip.

All flights will take place Sunday through Thursday until around the start of March.
You can find us at Twitch at 11:00 pm EST Sunday through Thursday.
If interested, click the discord link! Discord

Hope to see you there!

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