Around the World VFR (ish) - now complete!

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Great photos, many thanks

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This is brilliant, enjoyed reading. Inspired me to try and do this once I get to grips of the game a little more (I only bought it on Thursday). Made my first real successful smooth landing last night so I am getting there! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome! Glad you’re enjoying it. I found it a great way to learn the game and I now know the TBM really well!

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Leg 78 - Vaasa, Finland (EFVA Vaasa) to Bergen, Norway (ENBR Flesland)

This leg: 1,033Nm, 3:18 flying hours
Total so far: 88,162Nm, 337:53 flying time

Today we are heading further North to the some of the picturesque islands of Norway, before following the Norwegian coast South West to Bergen. On the way we are going to fly by Kiruna Church, Stornappstinden, Mengelsdalstinden, Helgeland Bridge, Trondheim, Storseisundet Bridge, Hardanger Bridge and Fyksesund Bridge.

Looks like a nice day here in Vaarsa - hopefully that continues and we can get to see the sights

Heading North over the Gulf of Bothnia and some much thicker clouds here as we approach Sweden

And here is the East coast of Sweden

Kiruna Church is our first destination

Climbing through the murky cloud as we head North into Norway

Stornappstinden and Mengelsdalstinden are next in a stunning series of islands on the North coast of Norway - still cloudy, but some gaps, so hopefully we’ll get some good views

Stunning views through the clouds though - what an amazing place

Turning South towards Helgeland Bridge, still pretty murky

And South West on to Trondheim - and more low cloud

Storseisundet Bridge

Hardanger Bridge

Fyksesund Bridge

Finally, our last leg and on to Bergen through the low cloud and setting sun

Lined up for final approach

Down and parked

That was an awesome flight! Some great scenery!

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Updated world map and log

Great leg with plenty of great scenary! :+1:

Leg 79 - Bergen, Norway (ENBR Flesland) to Paris, France (LFPG Charles de Gaulle)

This leg: 863Nm, 2:40 flying time
Total so far: 89,025Nm, 340:33 flying time

Today we are making an evening flight from Bergen to Paris. On the way, our route will take in quite a few landmarks: Aalborg Stadium, Cere Park Aaarhus, Lego House, Afsluitdijk, Houtribdijk, Rijkmuseum, Erasmus Bridge, Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp, Palais de Justice Brussels, Citadelle of Lille, Amiens Cathedral.

Hoping for less cloudy weather today, as that was a bit of a problem over Norway and Sweden on our last leg. And it is indeed a beautiful late afternoon in Bergen with clear skies around

We take off to the North before turning 180 to head back South towards Aalborg, our first destination - but unfortunately heading back into heavy clouds

Crossing Southern Norway

Crossing the Skagerrak towards Denmark

Here’s Aalborg and we fly right over the top of the football stadium

Onwards to Aarhus and we can see just how flat the terrain is here - which does mean we can fly nice and low over Aarhus and Cere Park

Heading South West towards Billund and the Lego House

And on to the dykes in Netherlands, Afsluitdijk and Houtribdijk. Leaving the Danish coast and heading across the North Sea

Approaching the Dutch coast and the cloud getting lower again in the sinking sunlight

And here are Afsluitdijk and Houtribdijk, just visible through the mist (which I’m really hoping clears soon!)

Onwards to Amsterdam and the Rijkmuseum, which is unfortunately shrouded by the low cloud

I suspect Rotterdam and the Erasmus Bridge will be the same…but it turns out we are in luck and the clouds clear a little

Maybe Antwerp will be the same and we’ll get good views of the Cathedral of Our Lady - but not really - it’s down there somewhere I’m sure

Brussels may be just as bad, or indeed worse

Heading further West to Lille, and maybe, just maybe, the cloud will clear a bit. We may be in luck, although it’s getting darker than I thought it would. We can just see the Citadel of Lille below

Last stop before Paris is Amiens and a good view of the Cathederal

And on to Paris and definitely clearing cloud, which is great

Turning on to our final approach

And down and parked

I think we may be on our last leg for our next flight!

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Updated map and log

Leg 80 - Paris, France (LFPG Charles de Gaulle) to Edinburgh, Scotland (EGPH Edinburgh Airport)

This leg: 725Nm, 3:10 flying time
Total so far: 89,750Nm, 343:43 flying time

Well, the time has come. This is our final leg - coincidentally our 80th (Around the World in 80 Days anyone?). It seems like a long time since I first left Edinburgh way back on 20th August last year, just a couple of days after the sim launched. But now we are finally heading home. Obviously we are not doing that in a very direct route and will be fitting in a long list of sights that we’ll be taking in along the way.

Heading North from Paris, we’ll take in:

  • Cliffs of Dover
  • Canterbury Cathedral
  • Archbishop’s Palace Maidstone
  • Tower Bridge
  • Waterloo Bridge
  • Vauxhall Bridge
  • Albert Bridge
  • Wandsworth Bridge
  • Wimbledon
  • Wolvesey Castle
  • Stonehenge
  • Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • Principality Stadium
  • Warwick Castle
  • Villa Park
  • Iron Bridge
  • Jodrel Bank
  • Anfield Stadium
  • Blackpool Tower
  • Fountain Abbey
  • Durham Cathedral
  • Tyne Bridge
  • Floors Castle

Finally, of course, we’ll land at Edinburgh Airport.

So, we should get going. And guess what, it’s a bit cloudy in Paris. Hopefully, for our final leg, it won’t be like that this the whole way

Heading North towards the English Channel

Some low cloud as we reach the French coast, but then it clears as we start to cross the Channel - albeit with some thick dark clouds ahead perhaps

Our first place to visit is the Cliffs of Dover

And on to Canterbury Cathedral

Next stop is Maidstone and the Archbishop’s Palace - and the clouds have come in with some rain too. The Palace is down there through the heavy cloud

So on to London, and quite a few sights to see here of course including Tower Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Vauxhall Bridge, Albert Bridge and Wandsworth Bridge

Further South we can see Centre Court of Wimbledon and the Lawn Tennis Association

Heading further West towards Wolvesey Castle and the typical British weather continues - a mix of cloud, rain and sun

The day does seem to be brightening up a bit as we head to Stonehenge

Further West now to Bristol and the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Into Wales and to Cardiff and the Principality Stadium, first crossing the Bristol Channel

Looping back around to the North East towards Warwick and Warwick Castle

On to Birmingham and Villa Park Stadium

Passing a small village called Iron Bridge with…an Iron Bridge - a famous industrial landmark

And North to Jodrel Bank radio telescope

On to Liverpool and Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool Football Club

Further North to Blackpool Tower

East to Fountain Abbey

North to Durham and the Cathedral there

Newcastle is next up

In Southern Scotland, Floors Castle, is our final stop before heading, at last, for home

On our final leg now to Edinburgh

On final approach

And down and parked

Well, that’s it. We are back home. Nearly 90,000Nm and nearly 350 flying hours. What a marathon journey. We’ve seen some incredible sights, got to know the TBM 930 really well and had an absolute blast.

I’ll post a wrap up shortly, once I’ve had a stiff drink at the bar and a fish supper!


Final world map and last leg on the log book

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Brilliant mate. I only started on MSFS on Thursday and joined this forum the same day so joined your run late but went through the lot, going to miss the updates. Great stuff :+1:

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It has been a real pleasure to follow your trip around earth (since the beginning for myself :wink: ). You’ve been a great inspiration for many places I went to.
Thank you for sharing this with the community !

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Thank you so much for your kind words, and glad you got some enjoyment from my ramblings and many (5,014, 11Gb!) of screenshots!

For those who have neen following along, I’ve updated the title and the first post in the thread as I’ve now completed my journey.

See here for my final thoughts and thank you to all your encouragement and input and just for visiting too along the way!


Thank you very much @gordongreig for your continue help as beta tester and alpha tester . I m proud that Flightcontrolreplay is useful also for this bush trip ! In the near future FlightControlReply will grow with a lot of features ! I m anxious to share the content of the FlightControlReplay Autumn Update.

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