As A Monument To My Sins

I Will do My 8-10 Hour Flight For The Frequent Flyer Miles Achievement.

Even If I don’t get it, i could rest knowing i got my bugged Saddle Sore achievement the right way. Wish me luck I’m heading out now!

Here Is my Flight. I flew from dusk to dawn, and it was quite the trip seeing me beat the sunset!


I guess we’ll see you later on for a progress check. My fingers :crossed_fingers: crossed for you. It’s a nuisance to get and a big time waster.

I did mine in the DC-6 from KSFO to PHNL. Just watched the engine monitors.

Dont worry too much about it - just program the autopilot to fly straight ahead and go to sleep. The next day you have your achievment.


To me thats cheating.

I tried getting this and it wouldn’t work.

I’ll be curious to see if you get it.

What are you flying and where from/to?

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Ah, I should try the DC-6. I hadn’t had it when I was still bothering with the achievements and before I found how they were so ridiculously broken.

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Ill be flying from LFBD to KSEA for the achivement.
F18, standard livery
i also fell asleep over canada cuz i stayed up all night to do it. Bad idea i crashed LOL


Quite realistic crashing an aircraft because you fell asleep!


Be careful on KSEA 16C. When I tried the achievement, I made the entire flight from LBFD and upon landing hit an invisible object in the middle of the runway and crashed.

I don’t know if that has been fixed, but it was 100% repeatable that you could crash into it.

I never did get the achievement, either.

Felt like a major gut punch from Asobo. That is a long flight.

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Thanks for the heads up Nixon =)
I just made a topic for voting in self service to vote on fixing the achievements
I wont take 16c then =).

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Do you mean LFBD to KSEA?

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Yeah ill go update that now

I am now near Greenland and its approaching Dawn =) I accidently didnt talk to ATC do IFR was canceled, i will see if this effects anything when i touch down.
IFR Continuous flight broken. Had to reconnect.

Update crashed on low dark clouds blanketing the airstrip. Restarted on final but did not get the achievement.

Oh well! The flight was 7 hours but you know what? I have atoned.

I flew a 9+ hour trip from KSFO to PHNL in the DC-6 and got no Saddle Sore.

Some things just won’t change.

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rest in peace your time

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I managed to pull off Frequent Flyer Miles yesterday by flying the 747 for most of the day. It sure is quiet over the Atlantic and Greenland.

I was genuinely surprised to see the achievement actually work!

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Congratz! Could you tell me exactly how you ran your flight?

I did a high altitude IFR with the start already on the runway rather than cold & dark. In fact, I wonder if this is why I hadn’t gotten the achievement in the past, maybe it doesn’t like cold & dark, which is how I usually roll.

Anyhow, I just went with the default, HA IFR flight plan and selected RNAV Z 16L for my approach runway and went with the default automatic departure and arrival.

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i’ll have to try this on one of my days off again!