As new with the g1000, am I better off waiting for an updated version of the g1000?

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I have for several years been training IFR with nothing else but the analog instruments and the KAP140 that comes with a simple C172. Whilst this has been fun, navigating in pitch-black fog anywhere, I thought I’d like to learn the g1000 with the entrance of the new MSFS. But from what I see in the forum, a little there and a little here, it seems that the g1000 isn’t quite there yet. Is a better approach to wait with the g1000 for a newbie like me than struggle with things I can’t tell if it’s a bug or perhaps a ‘feature’. What’s your opinion on this?


The G1000 out of the box is not what you want to try.

There is however the excellent Working Title modification out there that helps out quite a bit. If you really want to get familiar with the G1000, then X-Plane 11 has a great facsimile called the X1000 out of the box and it does a much better job than the one in MSFS.

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Funny, that’s what I did even prior to get the MSFS. But then again, things doesn’t stick in there until you’ve tested them for real. Well, my plane crashed but I do still have the manual here in my hand. That’s always something.


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The Working Title G1000 mod makes a huge difference.

I read on a different thread (not sure how reliable - but seemed plausible) that official development of the G1000 and G3000 was being handed over to Working Title. So, in theory, the modded versions might become the official ones. I certainly hope so!

Seems to be the intention.

However it may not be soon, because firstly … Microsoft (soon for Microsoft is next year) … and secondly a G1000 that ships as default needs to work for a million users not just multiple thousands or there will be a riot on the forums.

how do I get the Working Title G1000 (i’d like C172 versioni if it is by plane?)

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Hello, my issue with the g1000 is with the one in the stock C172 and the Baron 58 in which the display screens on both sides shut off after a few minutes and all I see is black screens that have a pulsating red blotch that flickers every few seconds. When this is happening, I also notice that my ATC box goes blank and says that power has to be on for this to work, and I see it flicker on and off as the red blotch does on the display screens. Is this a different problem than what is being discussed here?

Hi…have you even TRIED the Working Title mod, V0.3.5 yet? This mod seems to clear up many, if not all, problems that people are experiencing with the G1000.

Thanks John. I saw the post about that mod, but was not sure if it was meant for this issue or not. I am not tech savvy but I do know someone that can help me with this. Thanks.

John, I downloaded that mod and put it in my community folder and went to an airport to test it out in the C172. I got airborne, but after a couple of minutes, both displays went dark as did the ATC box. That Mod did not help. Does anyone else have a suggestion?

Remove any custom liveries as these have separate cfg files that sometimes override the Mod. By custom I mean third party, not Asobo issued Liveries (Kenmore, Orbit, etc).

This might seem super obvious, and I’m sure you checked… but did you set the starter key back to both after starting the engine?

Do you have the Alternator switched on?

F2N, your suggestion was the game winner. I guess I had never thought, or known that this could be an issue. I did a test in the C172 and remembered to turn the starter switch over to “on” after start, and the displays stayed active for the entire flight that I did. Thanks for the help.

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Is there anything that tells you what source for the g1000 the simulator currently uses? Something more than the fact you’ve extracted a replacement for the stock g1000 with something else into the community folder? I mean something that visually tells you that you’re using the WorkingTitle g1000 instead of the MSFS version of the g1000?



hope you’re use checklists for sure :slight_smile: knowledge about any controls/instruments on specific aircraft is required.

Old thread.

The current answer to the OP Question is - the WT mod is good but instead get the mod that allows you to replace the ancient G1000 tech with a much more up to date and functional GTN750 in any plane that has a G1000.