Asobo 737 MAX 8

I have ZERO issues with being a “dinosaur”… I pledge no allegiance to any sim. P3D is dead, but not XP12. MSFS 2024 will present new challenges, and I welcome that. Both MS and LR have been pushing each other in their respective weaknesses. I came from mobile sims to be a PPL now and I have to credit both MSFS and XP for it. No apologies.


My response yet another 737 coming to the sim , :yawning_face:. Regardless of who makes it, do we really need so many iterations of what is essentially the same aircraft ?

Yes, we do. Why not?


Will be VERY good to have another 737 and I do hope the complexity mentioned with help from the WT guys will be at least close to what PMDG is known for.

Giving PMDG some actual competition is long overdue and very well needed. Both from Asobo and other devs.

For those in here saying complex airlines from devs such as PMDG and Fenix is more of a game than simulation, I suggest you watch a few clips on YouTube from Flightdeck2sim and other airline pilots where they “play” these aircraft on online networks such as Vatsim using the same SOP:s they use IRL.

I’ve been “playing” the 737 from PMDG for as long as they existed and I have many airline pilot friends who are absolutely amazed of the complexity and how close it is to what they do for a living.


It will be great to have a 737 in the base sim. It sounds like it will be more complex than anything they have made before. Which means it will be a better aircraft than the 747-8 and the 787 in the current sim.
I’m betting a lot of people will find it more than adequate for their A to B needs.

PMDG and iFly will surely meet the demands from those who want a complete simulation and everyone should be happy in the end :wink:

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Variety , that’s why

The PMDG 737-800 is $70. This additional iteration, if you move to MSFS2024, is $0.

Sounds like a good reason to me to have two options.

Correct. More variety is my 737 hangar :grimacing:

One significant difference is, the Asobo 737 will have the sim’s navdata and integrate with ATC, etc. In order to update navdata in PMDG planes, you need a separate Navigraph subscription - but even if you do have one, you still can’t update navdata on Xbox.

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Do we know if working title is gonna work on this plane too for the avionics at least ? It would make sense as they already developed the avionics of the 787 and 747…

One very important area to many myself included is what the flight model will be like.

That however isn’t tied specifically to this upcoming aircraft but goes for all aircraft. I know Asobo said there will be improvements which is great and where I hope these will be enough to address the shortcomings in this area in the current version of the simulator. Like how it handles in crosswind landings for example but also on the ground while taxiing.

The handling is the main area receiving some criticism by pilots when comparing it to some other platforms. This is also why some developers have tried to work around this in MSFS2020 by using their own, external logic as I understand it.

If Asobo could get the flight model correct plus having the majority of systems modeled correctly in the upcoming 737 MAX, then it will be an absolute winner!!

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I am assuming for MSFS 2024 - if so I don’t have much hope these days with default Asobo’s stock. If third party are involved (Working tittle or someone else) then maybe perhaps it might be similar to what they have done with 787. Again very little information is currently available so it is very difficult to make an accurate assessment.

As I understand two addon developers have confirmed 737 max currently in development (PMDG and iFLY ) so my bets are on those. Ifly are new players in MSFS but they have produced some good addons in the past for legacy sims. Personally I would wait out for PMDG version - whenever that get releases.

This is still a common misconception / misunderstanding. Working Title is a First Party developer.

It would make sense to me that Asobo continues to use the avionics framework that the Working Title team has developed over the years for all of the sims official aircraft and avionics updates. G1000Nxi, G3000/G5000, ProLine 21, B747 and B787 systems, etc… because Asobo owns those. No need to re-invent the wheel.


I also want high fidelity and do not think that the asobo max will be that. Based on the past, we shouldnt expect it from asobo either. That’s where PMDG will always have a market, no matter how small of a market we are. And I’m willing to pay for life like, high fidelity simulations also, despite what some posters here think of this. It’s not for them and the asobo max will be fine. I will still hold out for the PMDG version.

PMDG will never update the data. They also have no interest in enabling this for Xbox customers. Your products will be sold at full price without warning. For me, PMDG is done. I will never buy a PMDG product again.

If anyone from Asobo reads this and if you intend to get the 737 MAX as close to the real thing as possible, please consider reaching out to flightdeck2sim and ask him if he would have time and be willing to provide you with some highly qualified feedback.

He is not only a 737 Training Captain/Examiner and Instructor working for one of the biggest airlines in Europe but also an avid flight simmer since he was a kid and still very active with his YouTube channel enjoyed by lots of people myself included.

He also has been very much involved in the 737 Zibo mod project for X-Plane and has a great part in how close that one is to its real counterpart.

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No one can say at this time how high this plane will be simulated. Asobo only said it’s the most elaborate plane they’ve ever made. With fis 2024, the level of standard aircraft will also be increased more and aircraft such as inbuilds A320 v2 and A310 are also well-simulated aircraft that belong to the standard. I am really satisfied with these aircraft and if the 737 Max from Asobo will be at a comparable level then you can be completely satisfied with it. You will also be able to use always updated nav data with the 737 Max and livery packages from other providers will also be available. These are enough reasons for me to take a closer look at the Asobo 737 Max with fs2024.