Asobo 747 8i flight dynamics issues

Hi all,

Having tested the above aircraft for a number of flights I just wondered if anyone has had issues with the latest Mod V. 0.1.4. This aircraft still has many problems with stability under autopilot at any sort of cruising altitude, Namely problems with sticking to set flight levels, ascending or descending correctly following flight level changes. Maintaining speed settings. Modes, etc, etc
I have had very many flying hours with PMDG products in both the old FSX and Prepar3d and they are as expected very much better in quality, flight dynamics, systems functionality, and general flying satisfaction, particularly at study level than the current asobo offerings . The one thing the aforesaid platforms miss is the quality of scenery and environment that would make particularly P3d the best around, but as MS have this fantastic format it will when the aircraft are sorted be a world beater.
I as have most invested in this project with the belief and hope that it will get better, but after my experience of almost 6 months of update after update it seems that the available airliners of which are my particular preference to fly are still very much in the early development stages with quite a few updates short of being sorted.
I must admit that the cessna longitude jet is one exception that can at least be a pleasure to fly, and is probably the one aircraft that is really enjoyable, but as I have read in a few threads these updates are not always progressive and in some cases actually create more problems than they try to aleviate.

Let’s hope things soon get to a level that meets the standards of the other competitive FSims otherwise I personally may have go back to P3d until things improve.


The 747 Queen is a trial to fly. But very satisfying. If you’re getting better flights with the Longitude then stick to that.
There’s nothing more to say on the matter.

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yes you are right about the “trial”, but from the outset it should be at least fun , and not frustrating, and as you rightly say there is nothing more to say on the matter , i will just look forward to when it becomes an enjoyment as opposed to an ordeal.

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I hope that will be soon for you.

Here’s a hint; Just like the real thing; you have to really concentrate;

i’d use the Salty 747 if i were you. Vnav is still a bit janky but VS and FLC work pretty well. I flew from miami to Rio the other day and it held steady, although fuel burn is a bit slow. It’s far from perfect, but it’s certainly a step up over the default one. It’s freeware and has a couple real world 747 pilots on the team (much like FBW a320 but smaller team).

And contrary to popular belief, it is an active mod thats regularly worked on. It just has less updates than FBW does is all


I’ve been flying the default 747-8 around the world since December 6. I am happy with it, except for today after 6 hours from France on descent to St Maarten, MSFS crashed to desktop… soul crushing. Loaded MSFS 5 more times and loaded from my last known coordinates, but within 5-10 minutes the bugger crashed each and every reattempt. Saw something that paint mods might be the issue. Didn’t have a problem at all the day after the last update days before Christmas; flew from Cyprus to western France without issue. I guess Gremlins got me over vacation.

I’ve been enjoying the default 747-8 lately, it’s becoming my goto long hauler. In contrast to the 787, it seems to have gotten worse after various updates.

Yeah I have loaded the latest salty and I agree it has improved the fmc a lot, with at least some improvement
The quality of the aircraft internals and externals are better than p3d I must admit and I suppose it is always going to get better.
I flew from LHR to miami last week and it was a fairly trouble free flight but the ils on approach was slightly out of alignment and did require some manual intervention at around 500ft. I am feeling that it has changed things somewhat. as that flight was prior to this latest update

Glad to hear. If you swing over to the Salty Simulations Github you’ll see some good things are coming; ECL for one.
Miami 26L has an offset ILS on ICNV - 109.20. Probably noise abatement. Did you fly that one?

Hi, thanks very much for that info, as it happens that was my app/landing plan and it certainly explains the offset approach. I will definitely take a look at the salty hub, they do seem to be running well with the mods for the 747, and things can only get better eh!

Yes i have found the 747 the most stable out of the offerings, and i too was very disappointed with the 787 as i have the quality wings version in P3D pro and FSX , and it has always been trouble free, but i am mostly an avid PMDG enthusiast, and they always seem to have just the right balance across their products that i personally have never experienced any issues with the very many hrs of flight time . Having GSX in the other simulators added even more fun to the hobby, so when all things in MSFS 2020 are put right this will be an awesome flight simulator with the world scenery experiences as standard

The issue with the crash to desktop has happened to me recently, as you mentioned paint mods it was apparently due to loading one or two of the very latest livery sets that are quite a large file size where the community folder has been said to be a cause for these crashes when they are overfilled with addon files. and i noticed on my PC there are quite a lot of resources utilised with memory struggling towards the end of a medium to long haul flight. I decided to remove these larger liveries/addons and installed smaller file sets that were less memory hungry and “hey presto” it seemed to have worked with a seamless six hour flight .

Just flew the 747 with the latest salty mod. I have to admit it flew very well and stable. FLC, VS, ILS and auto throttle all surprisingly worked. Much better than the 787.

I think i will uninstall my mods from salty, and reinstall the latest only , as my 747 was okay until the last update, but i may have corrupted/compromised the mod though i thought it was fine to over write. Shame about the 787 though as it is a fine aircraft in the old fsx or P3d

If you head over to the Salty Github the ECL is off the Master Branch at the moment. Going to try it tonight. Simbrief integration is also in the pipeline too.

I think a lot of pilots are jumping in to the 747 8I and trying to fly it like an A320 and then abandoning it in a flurry of rage posts.
Here’s the reason it don’t fly like an A320. . .amongst other things;

It’s like jumping out of a small car and in to a large articulated lorry.
Everything happens slower. Things take time to react/ respond.
I think it flies very well at the moment and I’m loving it. Doing a lot of long haul.

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Exactly , the QOTS is a totally different animal as you know, and only long hauls are what its is made for. The 787 has a more versatile capability, but the A320’s and 737’s are good for quick short hauls, and great for training. I will pop over now to Salty Github as it sounds very promising.


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True. She’s made for Long Hauls but operators like China Airlines hop her about on some really short routes - like Block Time 45 Minutes. It’s largely immaterial how long you have her in the air - it’s the way you operate the surfaces, wait for a response, etc, that marks her out as a big bird and dictates your piloting inputs.
If I can make an analogy with musical instruments;
The Airbus A320 is like the guitar - it’s easy to learn and sound pretty good within a very short space of time. (You’ll be playing Smoke On Water within hours)
The 747 is like the Cello - an absolute ■■■■■■■ of an instrument to get to grips with - but when you do - you sound like a master.

I just tried to fly … still tastes very “Salty” … better then the Vanila
But … The overhead lighting is blinding / no Flap schedule / AP and AT erratic etc etc crashed at TO at EDDF
I just stopped and switched over to my P3D PMDG 474 for Relaxation :slight_smile:

The “Salty” is still far away from PMDG ( of course ) and from the functionality ofthe FBW A32NX …which is realy flyable and fun now …But anyway thankx and chapeau to Salty for their efford and contribution to make the 747 flyable !

Well, if you’ve managing to crash it on takeoff I assume it’s because you’re hurling the thing in the general direction of the AP and expecting that to get you out of trouble. Which of course it won’t. It’ll kill you. Just like the real thing.
Overhead panel illumination can be dimmed using the rotary knob marked (unsurprisingly) OVHD/ CRT BRKR.

I tried again … take off ok … followed the FD some time … switched to AP LNAV VNAV short haul FL 130 … AP “controlls” FL somewhere between FL80 and FL160 … I didnt touch anything … after some time change of “autoland” in the sea … intervened V/S seams to work at least and levels off … but dont but it into VNAV again … AP reads something beween the lines from the FLP but it is not following it . ( notthe FL nor the Speed )
… by the way ( in my case )the OVHD knob seams to have 4 position OFF … VERY BRIGHT … BLINDING BRIGHT and SUN Mode

If I fly the same route with the FBW A32NX no Problems at all

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