Asobo Appreciation thread 11/28/20

After Update 7, here’s a thread with some great compliments to Asobo:

Please be respectful to asobo - Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - The AVSIM Community


Didn’t know there were other threads appreciating Asobo’s efforts. First, on FS2020 worst day it’s better than anything out there and historically for Flight Simulators. Second, if you know anything about FS development over the last 20+ years what we have now is more open and transparent than ever before. FSX was just dropped under a year after being released. It was not made for hardware of the day or future. It was made for processors growing in speed versus the cores being split up. Steve Ballmer shut Aces down before they could fix the core sim. All P3D is is a hack on the old FSX code. No other FS development team has ever held monthly webex meetings for everyone to view, offers a forum for discussion, and actually addresses issues. Yes their making mistakes but overall their trying with a concept that was dropped 15 years ago their doing a bang up job. You can’t drop dated code into anyone’s lap with an unrealistic deadline from the parent company for release and expect perfection. Asobo might have wanted to hold off a bit more and Microsoft said ‘NO’, fix it along the way. You have to do what the parent company wants who gave you 25+ year old code and expected you to build on that with no help from the previous Aces team. It’s amazing what they accomplished so far.

You might disagree or flat out don’t understand but for those of us who’ve been around this hobby for years we all appreciate what we have now and the team that’s trying to make it better.

Jorg adopt me! =P