Asobo appreciation thread

Over the last few days I’ve seen more flagged and deleted posts than I’ve ever seen on here. In general I feel the attitude of some has been very unforgiving, impatient and negative.

With this post I wanted start something positive towards the devs and teams working on this and to highlight a couple of things;

  1. Asobo are pushing out updates every two weeks. Now I’m not a dev but that’s a lot of work. They don’t need to do this but they are and I think this deserves a bit of breathing room, because this makes it clear how hard they are working and how high they place our concerns in priority.

To put in perspective, Epic Games, at one point was pushing out bi-weekly updates, for a certain, hugely successful BR. I saw numerous articles about employees having to pull 70-100 hour work weeks. This was not obviously sustainable for them, despite being one of the most successful games of all time (not to mention infinitely less complex than this sim) and having huge cashflow behind it. It was said this resulted in a “toxic, stressful environment” at the company.

Regardless of the work they are putting out this not something we want in the industry or for Asobo. I’m not saying they are currently doing this as I don’t know that but it gives an idea of how hard they must be working.

  1. The community support and interaction is amazing. I’ve been playing games nearly 20 years now and I’ve never come across a major developer that has communicated like Asobo does. They provide updates every week on what they are working on and how long they might expect it to take and that deserves massive praise. Again, they don’t have to do this. Heck, I remember at one point a lot of major games would release and little to nothing would be communicated, patches maybe monthly or longer… need I say more. Not to mention a great community manager who you can tell from the Q&A’s clearly spends a lot of time on the forums and understands the various complaints.

So in this thread I wanted to create some positivity, thanks and appreciation towards every single person working on the project, so please leave below any positive words you have for the team at Asobo, Microsoft or any partners.

Personally I want to say thank you for making my first sim since Flight Sim 98 an amazing experience. This truely feels like a next gen game and the innovation feels leaps and bounds in front of anything I’ve ever played before. So hats off to that :clap:


I completely agree with you, I have made similar posts.
IMHO there are many, many people respecting the work that has been put behind this masterpiece of a sim and the millions of lines of code. They just don’t flood the forum whining all the time.
It is an incredible piece of work, needs more work (hence they are called, you know, “DEVELOPMENT updates”), but I am here for the long run, so I am really happy.


When I was working for a living I would occasionally be thanked for doing a good job or delivering a project on time and to budget. I would also say not to thank me. I was paid to do a job and I did what I was paid for. My motivation was not their thanks but my self-satisfaction that I met my own high standards.

I paid MS for this program and it has under-delivered. No thanks are required from me; I just want my money’s worth. Something lacking in spades right now.


You paid game pass 1$ first, you had the chance to evaluate plenty of time before.


Shameless ton hunt. But might prove entertaining.

Microwave at the ready, snack bowl on standby…


Not sure what that means haha :man_facepalming: But I have faith in the community!

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I do not know who is behind this article. When they asked me 120 euros for the program, they told me that the program was finished, they didn’t ask me for 50 or 60 euros and when they were making patches, they asked me for more money. NO, 120 EUROS and now that I shut up, well NO, NO, NO …

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I agree, MSFS has been absolutely amazing the development has been on going, and will always strive for better and better. I also am amazed of the amount of dislikes and hate towards this sim. People are forgetting that the (other flight sim’s) not mentioning names were also in the same situation when they first arrived on the scene, how quick people forget. MSFS is the flight sim of the new generation.


you can shout all you want but do it in another forum topic :upside_down_face:


I never saw something close to this in the past 25 years. So, yes, I totally agree. The problem is not Asobo & Microsoft, but how the users understand business should be done. My point of view is the following:

  • Nobody is forced to buy this. But if you buy it you have to understand that this is not an Android app. It´s one of the most ambitious and complex piece of software created in the past years for home entertinement. This is important as the return of investment is limited. You have not signed a contract for millions with the Army or a big company since day 1. You depend on daily sales.

  • Bugs can be detected but also the software has to be profitable to the developers. No profit = no more business and the end of the story. Therefore they have to lever the efforts for corrections and the budget they have. Anyway jump into their website and you will see they are hiring more people. They also release corrections in a 15 days schedule. Few companies do that, even in other types of markets. In games market very few examples of big projects doing it exist.

  • They know they need the users, not only for the profit produced by future DLCs they may purchase but also to support the development and detect errors or inaccuracies. One clear example was the open call for reports on missing airports. Therefore they have created a multichannel customer service, with helpdesk, forums and open communication media to listen to us and to assing priorities to our most critical wishes and bugs. Quite few do such thing as well. In most cases priorities are just set by managing boards or investors.

  • They know they need the 3rd parties as they will cover the development gaps the original team is not able to cover by themselfs and that´s why they are actively involved in the SDK creation.

To me this is joint venture. Both sides need each other. Crying in forums is not going to change that nor solve problems in a better way, as I presume this business model decission was taken many months ago and it´s not going to change unless they start to lose money or in case of major series of failures are detected in the software which turns it into a not working or not fixable product, which seems not to be the case.



When did they ask you for more money? I haven’t seen a paid update yet? All paid DLC is optional at this time, world updates are free at this time and VR is free? Please enlighten us?


Excellent post. I am new to simming but have been disgusted with what I have seen here.

Thank you ASOBO and Microsoft


I undestand your comment, but can you find an advertising saying that product was final and no updates or corrections were expected if you purchased the premium deluxe? I dind´t find it at least. Also you could always have taken the basic edition if you understood the others were too expensive for the quality.



No flight sim I’ve ever purchased was complete and final…


After mi first flights as alpha tester I was unable of return to P3D and X-plane.

People having issues mainly are due to:
Bad internet connection corrupting downloaded files
Windows 10 fake installations
There is no manual, OK, but people is hurried and is not reading the menús what give enough information to configure the sim. Not to say people that don’t want to learn.
People thinking that for 60$ they have right as default to 3 PMDG airliners and a bunch of A2A aircraft.
Addons: People filling the Community folder of Liveries, sceneries, aircraft from FSX, many of them very heavy and unnecessary.


Well said. I can´t go back to P3D either and I was a real fan of that sim.

Also please add to the list anxious or selfish people who think their bugs are more important to the rest and that bugs are identifed, solved, tested and released to server in a magical 5 minutes process, as 1000 resources will be allocated to check them as soon as they post it :joy: :sweat_smile: Just kidding, but we all need to be a little bit less anxious. Things take time, and I really have no doubts that MS + Asobo got our feeling and they are putting efforts to improve things.



Just to clarify, I have had ZERO issues. In fact, the game runs fine, installed fine, looks ok etc etc.

It’s just NOT a good implementation of a flight sim.

My opinion is just as valuable as yours.


Thanks for your input but that isn’t the point of this thread, there’s plenty of other threads out there that are discussing this opinion. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure it is possible to have a “discussion” if everyone just agrees with each other.

If everyone agrees it’s a “love-in” and frankly a bit dull to read :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Au contraire Kimo Sabe.

You said this was “an amazing experience”. In the spirit of discussion, I merely gave you an equal and opposite view.